WTT mod. yugo sks in NC

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  1. I have a Yugo sks with a chaote dragunov stock, scope mount with remington 3-9x32 scope, all compliant parts(primary and secondary op rods) shell deflector, and extended mag release. I have a 20 rd tapco mag that i've misplaced so i'll buy you a new one if need be.


    I'd like to trade for a tac shotgun with a 20" barrel, pistol grip and buttstock. I will modify the buttstock and such if it's a nice gun but 18-20" barrel is a must.
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    I've got a Mossberg 500 with an 18" barrel. It has a regular stock on it though. I could throw a pistol grip on it if you would consider that for a trade. It is in extremely good condition with less than 100 rounds through it. Like I said, I'll throw on a pistol grip/buttstock for you.

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  3. Ninja Piper

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    Have you found a dealer yet?
  4. my email was down all day yesterday, just sent an email
  5. its sold. thanks Ninja. Did you get the sks yet?