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Model 100 Winchester .308 Mag

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by Gary, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    I've owned a Model 100 Winchester .308 since 1970 and have wanted a large capicity magazine, 10, 20, or even 30 for a long time. I don't need one but I just want one. I've looked pretty hard but haven't found anything. Can't even find a spare 4 shot for it. Has anyone ever heard of, or seen anything for this model. I my opinion it's one of the most beautiful high powered auto loaders ever made, and it's action is flawless. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  2. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    I had that idea years back. In my opinion you have three options:
    1. Buy a new rifle made to take hi-cap mags.
    2. Modify existing hi-caps for the 100 or modify mags for the 100 to hi-cap.
    3. Modify the 100 to take hi-cap mags.

    I'm not familiar with the Win 100, but I do know that the Rem 7400 shouldn't be used for the rapid fire generally performed with hi-cap semi-autos. The SKS, while worlds better, isn't as good for sustained rapid fire as the AK reliability-wise.
    So there's the case for a new rifle.

    My impression is that Win 100 mags are scarce and expensive. I'd recommend against moding one of those mags to hi-cap. I'd suggest instead considering hi-cap mags for another 308 rifle, ie the FAL, G3, or M14. You could get a few of those for the price of one Win 100 mag.

    Moding the Win 100 would probably be even riskier. I'd be hesitant and I almost have an engineering degree. If I did mod it, I'd prefer to make a new part that would replace an original and not actually modify the original Win 100 parts. I have developed a hi-cap mag mod for the Saiga 308, but that's a current production gun on a really simple design.

    My honest suggestion would be to keep a classic rifle as it is. If you want to experiment with hi-caps for it, leave everything original intact and just modify surplus mags. The graet thing about the ban being dead is that you can modify mags to your hearts content legally, and not worry about screwing up a grandfathered pre-ban one.

    Hope your Win 100 treats you well. I'd absolutely love to have one of the few in 358 Winchester.
  3. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Model 100 Magazine

    Thanks for the input. I would never rapid fire the model 100, because it was never intended for that purpose. A larger magazine is just something I want, even if I just put it with the rifle and never use it. On the M14, I have wanted one for years and once had a chance to buy a new one a few years ago, at a gun show in Nashville, for under $600. It was made in China but all of the gun reviews on the particular brand were excellent and american parts would interchange according to all the reports that I read. Unfortunately I passed it up and have regreted it ever since. It's my understanding that the american made M14 was never offered for sale and now no matter where they are made they are beyond my budget and I will probably never get to own one. I think the price of a model 100 magazine would not be that expensive and modifyng an original would not be very complicated except for the spring tension needed to properly feed the cartriges into the chamber. It looks like I will never get to try it because they seem to be as scarce as hens teeth.
  4. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    The American semi-auto version of the M14 is the M1A, still made by Springfield Armory. They cost about $1200.

    More affordable 308 semi-autos start with the CETME and Saiga 308 in the 300 range.
  5. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie


    I am familar with the Winchester 100 and I think it will be impossible to find an extended magazine for the 100, because no one makes one. Even the factory magazines are hard to come by. For the most you are right about the 100 being sound and reliable. The major problems people have with them is the gas operating system, it can give you fits if not properly cleaned and maintained.
  6. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Winchester .308 Mag

    ScottD, Thanks for the reply. I read an article once about the importance of keeping the gas operating system clean but I've never had a problem. I have a air compressor in my shop that I use to clean all of my guns. I spray the action, chamber and bore with a good amount of solvent/lubricant, taking care not to use something that will harm the wood finish, and blow it out with about 135 psi through a small copper tube installed on the end of my blow gun. Then I finish up with the usual hand cleaning, wire bore brush, patces,etc. I'm sure others do this, but its something to consider for those who don't. I'm on the lookout for a extra magazine, but your right about them being hard to find.
  7. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Winchester Model 100 Recall

    I found out about a recall on the Model 100 last week. I was told to call 1-800-852-5734 to get information on which serial numbers were effected. I did'nt get through untill this morning and a lady at Winchester told me they were all effected and she would send me the information on what to do. The problem is with the firing pin and is very dangerous. I will let you know what they send me when I get it. I also found a magazine for it $49.95. I found out about the recall while searching for the magazine.
  8. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the information. I have passed it on.
  9. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Winchester Model 100 Recall

    I received the information from Winchester on replacement of the firing pin. They have two options, sending the rifle to two lacations in the U.S. and one in Canada, or taking it to a local gunsmith, where he removes the firing pin and sends it to Winchester. They send the new pin and a check for $30 for labor. No gunsmith that I know will do this work this cheap, so I called two that I'm acquainted with and they both said they would need an extra $50 to do the shipping and labor plus cleaning, which they always do when they take a gun apart. I'm going to use one of the smiths and pay the extra money instead of going through the hassle of shipping the gun and risking loss or damage. I have taken very good care of the gun and it is probably 98 percent and not worth the risk.
  10. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Winchester Model 100 Magazine

    I took my Model 100 to one of the most experienced gunsmiths in my area today. He couldn't believe the excellent condition it was in. He said it would take about two weeks to complete the firing pin replacement. He said it had almost the same gas operating system as the M14 and Winchester engineers had a hand in developing that system for the government as well as the amunition.
    What surprised me the most is that he said a M14 magazine would fit the 100 with some minor modification and he had seen it done many times and could do it for me if I wanted. He was very busy so I will talk to him about it when I go back in a couple of weeks.
  11. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 Retired Moderator

    Sounds like a neat idea. With the ban gone you can modify a hi-cap magazine to your heart's content. I'd take him up on the offer.
  12. Gary

    Gary G&G Newbie

    Winchester Model 100 Magazine

    I will probably take him up on his offer. We didn't discuss how much it would cost, but the way he talked, I got the impression it would'nt be very expensive. I think I will have a little time to regroup and get a few extra dollars in my pocket before the socialists in congress ban them again. I can't comment on other states but I can tell you for a fact, anyone running for major public office in Tennessee cannot win if they are for any kind of gun control.


    "I ask,sir,what is the militia? It is the whole disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." George Mason (1788)
  13. wachtelhund

    wachtelhund G&G Newbie

    I own two Win Model 100's, a rifle and carbine, both in .308. Both have had the firing pins replaced and both function perfectly. I use the carbine all the time for deer hunting in Northern Wisconsin. The key to reliable functioning is keeping them clean and don't drop the magazines. My carbine occassionally jammed. I replaced the extractor spring with one slightly stiffer and it has never had a jam since and now throws the cases 15 feet or more. I'm now in the process of glass bedding the carbine to tighen up its groups. I did the rifle several years ago. It is sad that Winchester quit making them as they are a great gun, better than the Remingtom semi-auto, but alas Winchester is now too gone. The reason Winchester quit making them was the high cost to manufacter them and not because they jammed as commonly believed, they just couldn't compete price wise with Remington's semi-auto.
  14. thesicilian13

    thesicilian13 G&G Newbie

    Dear Gary,

    Are you still looking for a hi-cap mag for your 100? I have a vintage one NIB. Let me know. Email me @[email protected]

  15. john avant

    john avant G&G Newbie

    where did you get a model100 [email protected]

    where do i get a winchester model 100-308 [email protected]
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  16. tom2245

    tom2245 G&G Newbie

    whello what stiffer spring did u use, i have one of these hardley used

  17. tom2245

    tom2245 G&G Newbie

    hi i have a 100 my grandmas, i bet it was not usd much, but jams, i have not used this hardley at all. took to a smith, jamed the first time out. all help would be nice,this things just sits but now im getting into it again,what stiffer spring, shoul i get, i do not know much about this 100, but of course i will keep, thanx
  18. canadianshooter

    canadianshooter G&G Newbie

    winchester 100 mags

    coyler makes a 10 round mag for the model 100 regular mags are available from the old numerich arms model 88 mags will work in the model 100 but bolt fails to stay open after last round fired all around awesome rifle i own 3 in 284 and 308
  19. johnritchie

    johnritchie G&G Newbie

    mod100 mag

    I don't know if you still need a Mod100 Mag, But some low-life stole my sweet 100, and all I have left is ammo and one 30rnd (maybe 20, not sure) magazine. Bought the magazine from Hy_hunter in 1967. let me know if interested
  20. strathman51

    strathman51 G&G Newbie

    does anyone know how to break down the gun? I am wanting to refinish mine and can not seem to be able to remove my stock from the barrel. Thanks
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