Model 25 project for the Mrs.

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    I took my wife to the range for the first time this past summer and she had more fun than she expected,she also took a real shine to my model 80 and has tried to claim it as her own.
    To keep her happy and keep my 80 I have decided to get her her own rifle.I started with a 795 but she turned up her nose at it,it's plastic and it's not a bolt action(she likes the way she has to work it herself,who'da thunk?)
    I have a model 81 but it's kinda ratty and has feed issues(that'll be another thread) so that won't do.
    I've been looking for another 80 and having no luck when I popped into my LGS and found a model 25 on the used rack with a good clean bore and action but covered with light surface rust.There was also a 25n next to it that was like new aside from some small scrathes on the stock.After some offer/counter offer I took them both home hoping I didn't spend too much for one good gun instead of a deal on two.
    The bad news is that the rust pitted the the top of the barrel and reciever and magazine well/screw.
    The good news is that only the outside is rusty.
    I removed as much rust as I could and wet sanded the barrel and reciever down with 600 ,polished and reblued it.
    I also dug out and old walnut mod 80 stock,stripped and sanded it and put the first coat of clear poly on it.
    I also found the gold trigger to go with the stock and topped it off with a centerpoint scope that matches mine.
    The complete gun is my model 80 and the rest is what will be my wifes.
    The other pic is the mag well from the original stock just to give some idea of what the barrel looked like.

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    That's a fine looking rifle you have there. I finally got my girlfriend talked into going hunting with me this year. I told her she could pick which .22 she wanted to use for squirrel, but I would have to figure out a deer gun for her. She said she wanted to use my 30-06 but I don't want to scare her away from hunting, she don't have much experience and all. I think a 30-30 will fit her nice though. It's always nice to have a spouse that enjoys the same hobbies you do.

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    I really enjoy cleaning up old rimfire rifles. To me they're more interesting than the new stuff and often great shooters too.
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    ^Great story!Really enjoyed that one.(also shows how a man can enjoy his hobby/passion and get along with the boss)
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    Great job !! Two back from the boneyard !!
  6. flyingbrkracing

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    Just put the second coat on after wet sanding and the stock is coming along,only 4-5 more coats to make it really shine!The Mrs.seems genuinely excited to have her own gun so I want to make it look as good as I can and hopefully shoot as good as my 80.
    Rimfires(especially Marlins) have become almost an addiction and I now have more of them than Mosins.To find one that has been neglected and give it a good going through is both fun and rewarding(You get a new gun!).
    As for the .30-06,I have to agree with you dman and go with the .30-30.You could try something with a bit less noise and kick like something in a varmit caliber and work up to the big -06.My plan is to get my wife settled and comfortable with the .22 and have her try my Stevens 200 in .223.
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    1st test drive!

    She's pretty much ready to go,just want the wifes input on how shiny I should try to make it.
    I took it to range to sight in the scope and see how she feels and here's how it went.
    The good news.
    Shot dime size groups straight off at 50 ft and was close to zero with 4 7rd mags.
    The bad news.
    She'll need a new extractor soon,extraction was was weak and more than a few out of the 150 or so rounds had to be pulled out with the finger.
    Also for some reason the bolt would occasionaly gouge the head of the next bullet in the magazine.It did not matter which magazine I was using, sometimes it would catch and sometimes not.
    Overall I'm happy with the outcome and with a little tweaking she should make the Mrs. very happy,which makes me happy.
    Here's a pick with the model 25n I got with it and a target from today,7 shots each at 50 ft.I think it's more acurate than I was,we'll see when I move to 50 yards.

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