Model 60 Project continues

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  1. Well coat 3 of Tru Oil went on the Boyds stock tonight after a good 0000 steel wool buffing. The stock finish is coming along nicely. I also added a set of dovetail to weaver adapters to the gun itself these are not going anywhere when they are tightened down. I have a nice Bushnell to go on top when the stock is completed. I am bummed that G&G lost those cool links Big Shrek had here for after market parts. I'll try and get some photos if anyone is interested
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    We ALWAYS want pics !!

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    It is really refreshing to have posts from (I take it) younger gun enthusiasts fixing up older,or possibly just misused firearms.Thanks for sharing. ,,,sam.
  4. OK here is a couple photos of the gun apart, I'm off to get some Barksa rings for the scope. I went with this scope mount from UGA because it's a little more flexible as far as scope placement and movement of individual rings. The stock is a Boyd's Thumbhole Camo

    The stock needs a couple more coats to get it perfect, looks pretty good now but it's still a little dull in spots.


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    I'll haveta redo the pages...hopefully they'll be able to recover most of what went poof...

    Might be able to google it and pick up a cached page...??

    Beautiful stock, BTW :D
  6. Thanks Big Shrek coming from you I take that as a compliment. I've got more coats to add on to finish it off. I'm letting it sit at least 8 hrs or more between coats. Otherwise it seems like the sand paper is filling up to quickly when I sand it.

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    I managed to recover it, for some reason it popped up in the Powder Keg...??

    I dropped a note to the Mods that it needed to be back in the Marlin forums ;)

    Now if I can find my Marlin 60/795 FTE repair page...
  8. Model 60 almost complete! Well here are some photos of the gun put together. It's missing the bipod for now and hasn't been leveled or scoped in yet.


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    Looking awesome, I love that stock. Great work, and thanks for sharing.
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    That is a Beauty!!!

    Gives me hope for what my 99-G will look like in one of those ;)

    They still have a few Forest stocks like yours on the Boyd's Website in Limited Production Items :)

    Got the Accessories Thread back in Marlin :D
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  11. Thanks BS:
    First these photos don't do the colors in this stock justice! I wish they made a green and black version of this stock I think I would be awesome. I want to replace or remove the front site. If I remove it I want to use a set screw to plug the hole in case I want to go back to original someday. Any idea how deep those threads are?

    The finish is very high gloss, I haven't done my final buff out and wax yet either. Since I'm using this as a paper puncher I wanted something a little more fancy looking.

    I am thinking of have the local gun smith here cut a target crown on the barrel. Any opinions on doing this to the gun?

    Trigger will be another upgrade when they have more in stock as well as the cocking lever. and of course the Bi-pod.

    Can't wait to take her to the range, only problem is now I have to get a bigger case since the gun with the scope won't fit.

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    That is a great looking plinker!, and being a Marlin I bet she'll shoot as good as she looks.