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    Hello all I'm looking for a model 686 smith and wesson.I already have the 586 now I think I need the stainless.Anybody got one for sale?Thanks Hershey
  2. They don't allow things to be sold here, the liability isn't worth it. Try Online Gun Auction, - Online Gun Auction , GunsAmerica - Connecting Gun Buyers to Gun Sellers Since 1997 - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions, Guns International - Antique Guns, Collectible Firearms, Used Guns For Sale Online or call your local dealer and see if they have one or can find one. But gunbroker is where I'd go first. You'll just have to find a FFL holder near you who's fee is reasonable...

    By the way, welcome to the site.
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  3. Welcome to G&G Hershey. 686 are a darn nice wheelgun. Best of luck on your search.
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  5. Welcome and keep us informed of your search! Iive had my 686 since the mid 1980's and shot is thousands of times. I love it and always will! Only problem is I taught my wif how to shoot it and now she thinks it is her gun! (She shoots .38's though.)
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    My 686

    I bought my 686 at a shoe 2 months ago. I have put about 200 rounds through it, 357's and 38's. It is not only a pleasure to shoot but deadly accurate. With 38's the recoil is almost not there, with 357's it recoils like an air gun. No way am I getting rid of it. In fact I now want a 686 with a 5" barrel and a 686 with a 4" barrel.
  7. Mine is stainless and has a 6" barrel. I like to shoot the .44 mag and then pick up the .357. Like shooting a BB gun.
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    DKA1 G&G Newbie probably has close to 100 listed now.
  9. Just wondering if you have found one yet.
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    This is my 686 and a couple 586's; a no-dash and a dash - 1. Excellent revolvers and you'll be happy with the 686.

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    i got one.. if you want a picture il get you one of mine, but im sure you know exactly what they look like. :) i think the trigger pull is VERY smooth on it. mine is the 4 inch
  13. Kind of like what Lefthand is saying I have taken 10 women to the range that have never shot a gun before. Nine of the ten liked the 681 better than any other firearm they shot.

    I just cant say enough about this wheelgun. It is with me 24 hours a day. I modified it because the few times I had to draw it to use it the hammer spur caught on clothing. So now you can draw it from your pocket if you want and it comes out smooth as silk. It is super accurate and super dependable.

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  14. That no dash looks like it needs a vacation. I recommend a trip to the Pacific North West. It can stay at my house, food and lodging, free!
  15. All three would be happier if they visited my 686. They can "play" at the range with my 629 Classic.:)