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    Aside from push feed or controlled round feed, is there any difference in the action on a model 70 featherweight versus a standard model 70, say classic version? For instance, is the model 70 featherweight action to the remington model 7 action what the model 70 classic action is to the remington model 700 action...or is there no difference in the action only in the stock, barrel, etc?

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    The original mod 70 Featherweight (early '50s) was designed as a lighter version of the mod 70. The major differences were a shorter barrel, 22" vs 24", an aluminum floorplate vs steel, a lighter barrel contour and a slightly slimmer stock profile, but using an identical action. Many (all?) did also have a hollow bolt knob. The identical actions seem to follow true with the push feed and classic models as well (except the hollow bolt knob). The interesting thing to me is that the original Featherweights in S/A calibers were chambered in a standard length action. It's my understanding also, that the model 7 action, while nearly identical to the 700, is a different action.

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    You are mostly correct :) To my knowledge, all of the featherweights had a hollowed bolt handle knob and I believe the outside dimensions of the stock were identical, only the barrel channel was different to accomodate the slimmer barrel. As M70's proceeded towards '64, the checkering pattern began to shrink. The shorter calibers (243, 308, etc) had a metal spacer at the rear of the magazine box and an extended bolt stop attached to the extractor collar to limit bolt travel.
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    To be quite honest, I simply eyeballed the stocks on my '52 standard and '54 Featherweight reference the stock contour, so you're likely correct on that; more likely that my eyeballs were a tad off rather than the I need to keep those darn glasses closer by!!