Model 81 is Coming Back !

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    The model 81 was popular back in the late 70's-early 80's.
    If anyone has seen the movie Scarface, this is the gun Al Pacino carried in the small of his back. It's also the gun
    he killed Hector the Colubian with and Manny in the end of the movie. The shootout with the Diaz Bros in the Babylon Club,
    Beretta 81.

    The Beretta 81 is a mid to small sized frame semi auto chambered for 7.65 {32 auto} cartridge. It is identical in looks to the models 84-85 Cheetahs, only a bit smaller.
    Years back this was the hottest medium/small pistol that Beretta offered, everybody wanted one.

    Through the years however the love of the 32 Auto cartidge has died off due to smaller guns being offered in 380 and 9mm calibers. The little 71 gr 32 seemed small and weak compared to the 380 and 9mm especially. The older folks of WWII, Korea,
    and Vietnam seemed to be the only fans of the small caliber.
    It was for good reason, ACCURACY !
    This little caliber was big enough to do the job in the hands of a seasoned shooter. Remember the movie Death Wish ?
    What caliber was the first gun that was given to Mr. Kersey ?
    That's right, it was a 32 ! A 32 S&W long to be exact.
    The 32 is one of those calibers that could be shot with one hand with virtually little to no muzzle flip. This quality equates to a flat shooting, non flinching, dead on accurate shot ! One shot to the Heart with a 32, is better than 5 shots with a 40 or 45 that miss or hit non-vital parts.
    Don't get me wrong getting hit with a 45 anywhere isn't going to be a pleasant experience, but in a fight for your life you want to be as effecient as possible. Hitting your target with a 32 Auto is not a problem. 107 ft-lbs of energy to the heart
    equates to one dead badguy !

    Back to the gun. It has not hit the States yet the Mopdel 81
    but it is listed in their catalog and on their website.
    I see this gun being for Beretta enthusiasts mainly, and Scarface fans as well as the few who like the little 32 auto.
    The gun holds 15 or 16 rounds and is a bit smaller than their Cheetah. Those who been looking for a nice 32 will appreciate this gun. I like the Tomcat, but how many pocket guns could one have. Besides spending $350 to $470 on these mini-guns isn't so appealing, you kind of feel like your getting robbed ! The price of the model 81 is in the high 5's which is alot for a 32. You can get a Bersa Thuder 32 for $325.
    But it is a Beretta and those who have the 380 and 9mm will want to add this to the collection.

    I want to contact Beretta and ask them if they are going to release a gun made on the TomCat's frame size in 380 and call it the FatCat ?
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    The .32 acp is a long ways from a .32 long.
    Two bad points...1) It's a beretta; 2) It's a .32acp

    After being armed with the beretta 92 for several years in the military, I have no use for beretta. (Notice I failed to capitalize their name).
    Now that so many CCW holders are carrying .380 acp's, they're coming out with a .32 acp...I wouldn't give up my .380 to carry something inferior.
    I don't recommend believing everything one sees in a movie.