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  1. What have you done to your Glock to make it fit you?
    I ground off the finger groves, relieved the right bottom edge of the trigger guard and soon will take off some from the inside trigger guard along the bottom. I'll got big hands so they tell me.
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    Left everything that came with it:
    -Heinie Straight Eight night sights
    -Hogue Handall grip sleeve
    -Pearce +1 grip/mag extension

    All on a GLOCK 27.

    I'm thinking of inletting the area under the right side of the trigger guard, as my right middle finger's first knuckle presses against it.

  3. fireguy86

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    Night Sights and a TLR-1 tac light. nothin special
  4. fireguy86

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    I would love to have a lasermax- it is a little steep tho
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    Were do I start? I shoot a G34 in USPSA Limited class. It has

    Hand Fit Stormlake Barrel
    Wolfe Recoil Spring
    Wolfe Guide Rod
    Polished Contact Surfaces
    Reduced Striker Spring
    Trijicon Sights
    3.5 lbs connector
    Over travel stop
    Pre travel stop
    Dawson Precision Magwell
    Dawson Precision Basepads
    Custom Heat stippling on front strap and Back strap
    Skate tape on side panels
    20,000 Rounds of break in
  6. Put a set of Meprolight night sights, orange rear/ green front, a Streamlight M6 laser/light combo on the rail and most recently bought and installed a Storm Lake 4 port ported barrel. All for use on, in and with my G35 tactical/practical...Oh and FWIW, I also put a Clip-Draw on it.
  7. My 23 and 19 are stock. Why fix it if it aint broke.
  8. Hand Fit Stormlake Barrel
    18lb Recoil Spring
    Stainless Steel Guide Rod
    Polished Contact Surfaces
    3.5 lbs connector
    Over travel stop
    10,000+ Rounds of break in
  9. DWARREN123

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    Put grip frame plugs and added pinky extensions to the 27's mags.
    I don't feel I need to do anything else.
  10. The guide rod is plastic. I just could not get used to that idea. I know, I know there are hundreds of thousands of them out in the field, but I just couldn't do it....
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    On my Glock Model 30 I changed the magazine caps for the finger rest style and reduced the trigger pull to 3 lbs.
  12. I'm thinking of replacing mine. Never heard of any problems with the stock ones. I'll probably keep it until 1., it wears out or 2., it breaks as I recently saw a picture of. What brand did you replace yours with? Have a link and if not, how much did you pay for it?
  13. Thank you very much. Much cheaper then the $74.95-$84.95 I'd found. That brand was Sprinco? I'll definately just go ahead and get that one before mine goes bad or breaks seeing as how it's very reasonably priced...Thanks again for the link.

    UPDATE: Can you say ORDERED? lol Thanks again for the link Sooner. It is/was much appreciated.
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  14. Sooner?!?!?! Them there is fightin' words young man...:09:
  15. ^^^^^That's actually pretty cool^^^^^
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    Cx4 Storm

    For this gun I added a rail kit on the front for bottom and side accessories which was about $30. I added the hand grip to the rail which was another $30. I bought a red dot scope for around $50 and I did my own custom paint job for about $100 with a regular hobby spray gun. Im thinking of adding a flashlight to the side rail but I think that might be a bit much what do you guys think.
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Just added a stainless steel guide rod. Link courtesy of SilentShooter. Thanks again. Fit right in.. I'll have to give a range report at a later date.