Mojo for Swede M96

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  1. I just finished installing a Mojo sight on one of my Swedes. I love the sight picture I get with the standard front sight but I'll know more when I get to the range. The sight seems to be well made from quality materials. Elevation adjustment is very smooth. The windage adjustment requires an allen wrench. I've got one on order for one of my K31s. If the weather tomorrow is as nice as it is today I may go to the range.:):)
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    I have one on my M38, and I just LOVE it. Sure helped these old tired eyes out!

  3. Swede do you have the front sight on your M38? I have one for the front my M96 but I haven't installed it yet because I like the sight picture I have now. A trip to the range may help me decide if I need it or not. After installing the Mojo I actually believe I can shoot this rifle at 100yds.
  4. SwedeSteve

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    Yep, you got the Snap Sights. I didn't like the double aperature, so I went back to the original front sight.
  5. Mojo

    My sight for my K31 should be here tomorrow or Sat. I ordered the back sight only this time. I think more would be impressed with this sight and the difference it makes especially if their eyesight is not the best. I also like the ability to return the rifle to origional in a few seconds.
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    Exactly! Def the best upgrade for the money.
  7. MOJO

    I tried putting the Mojo on my K31 last night and I had a hard time compressing the spring enough to put the pin in. Slept on it and this morning I put it on in about a minute. Really looking forward to shooting these two rifles.
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    Cool! Sometimes you just have to put it down for awhile, LOL! I put one on a Mosin, and was going to put one on my SKS, but ended up going with a Tech-Sight instead.