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  1. Pothole

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    So was doing my monthly check on the rifles and I discovered a fine layer of white mold growing on my 1917 Eddy-stone,

    It is the same safe that I have always used and was touching some of the other rifle stocks, and they didnt have any mold on them, the only thing I can think of is that this rifle was given to me by my grandpa, who has lived in Hawaii for the last 12 years.... which has a little different climate than Seattle

    My question is what is a good way to remove the mold spores with out destroying the wood or the finish (if possible), I wiped it down with a paper towel and it all came off but I'd bet that it will come back if I do nothing :feedback:

    Couple pictures....


    You can see in this picture where I wiped it with my finger, and it comes right off



  2. drtybykr

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    a 50/50 bleach water mix will kill the mold. Test in a inconspicuous spot to see if it will damage the finish.

  3. blaster

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    some of my rifles got mold on them. I believe it is from storing them with the slings and other leather in the safe. I just wiped them down with an oily rag and that kept them clean. also I dont keep any leather, web gear or other absorbent materials in the safe anymore
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  4. samuel

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    ^You will have to really dry that stock and do a great job of watersealing it including under the buttplate and everywhere.If there is no moisture mold can't grow.
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  5. I don't know what would be best but I would probably use Ballistol. Its good for wood, metal, plastic, and rubber. It cleans, lubricates and protects as well. Basically an all-in-one kind of thing.
  6. Pothole

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    yeah im tearing it down to just the bare wood right now, probably gonna keep it in my closet in a moisture proof case during the winter so it stays dry and warm, a co-worker said to try WD-40, but im not sure about that one?
  7. rimfirenut

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    I have never experienced any mold on my guns but they all come out of the safe's 6-10 times a year for a good cleaning. I have leather slings on over half of them and no problem there either.. I would suggest cleaning them more often and also looking into a silica bag or an electric dehumidifier to keep moisture out of that safe..
  8. rimfirenut

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    wd-40 is a penetrating oil and is not a good choice for firearms, also wd-40 must be kept as far away as possible from rifle scopes, it will eat the seals inside the scope... just use a good gun oil like hoppes no.9 or rem oil..
  9. Palladin8

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    Pothole do you have anything in your safe that absorbs moisture? Living in Washington would warrant the use of some sort of absorbent device.
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  10. Pothole

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    nop, nothing to absorb moisture or prevent it, I've never had a problem with it before, but I'm defiantly gonna pick some up this weekend
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    Wow, that is really nasty looking. Good luck getting it out!
  12. bobvonb

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    you guys are just stringing him along. nothing will get rid of that. he needs to send the rifle to me and I'll take care it.
  13. Palladin8

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    Be careful where you clean your rifle. Mold has a defense mechanism when you try to kill it, it will protect it's self and will spread spores and could spread throughout your home.
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  14. I was thinking maybe use a 50-50 mix water and bleach to kill the mold, then hand rub a coat or 2 of tru-oil on it to seal it after it gets dry.
  15. Cyrano

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    New York
    Personally, I'd get all of the metal off the wood and wash it down with Murphy's Oil Soap, then treat it with whatever he usually uses on the wood. You can always go to a fungicide if you have to; but I'd think really long and really hard before I let chlorine bleach anywhere near a rifle stock.

    One thing that might do the trick if nothing else works is some stuff called "Killz" that is intended to be added to paint used in moist areas like bathroom ceilings and walls. You add it to the paint and mold can't even get a foothold, plus it kills off any existing mold and spores on the surface you are painting. It comes in little packets about twice the size of a ketchup packet. The instructions warn you to wear protective gloves and a mask when you mix it into the paint. If you were to use it straight on the wood, rubbing a little of it in on a rag, that would surely kill the mold. I can't say what it would do to the wood, though.
  16. Mooseman684

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    WD-40 is WATER DISPLACER 40...It wont hurt to spray the stock down and wipe it away...I suggest wiping with Lysol and after doing so , Place the stock in a Black Garbage bag and put it in the sun to raise the temperature as high as possible to heat kill any remaining mold could also steam the stock and then dry it thoroughly.
    Hang it in a low humidity area like around a Hot water heater , or hot attic for a week , then oil it with tung it without the leather sling.
  17. samuel

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    I have often used WD40 to remove moisture after steaming a stock.I like the stuff,and I do believe it helps on arthritis.
  18. Purdy

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    One word.... Vinegar. problem solved
  19. Pothole

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    so ive got it all stripped down to the bare wood parts, which are in my fanciest gun case that only lets moisture out not inn and its up in my closet now, instead of the basement.

    Ive been looking around online and it looks like vinegar is the way to go, gonna give that a try latter today, and probably keep it in my room all winter... just hope all the other guns don't get jealous of this one getting all the attention
  20. Devilinaraindrop

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    The mold is from blood soaking into stock it is always the gun with most kills that gets moldy when you carry gun with bloody hands it gets into the wood. Just wipe gun down more often