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  1. Talk to me about Montana, I plan to visit the "Big Sky Country" next summer, (2009) provided we make it unscathe through the coming hurricane season.
    Any little or large bit of information about Montana, by-ways, highways, off- the- beaten-track, on the beaten track. good places to visit, stay, eat etc. I have solicited information from the usual public sources but would like to know of other not-so- public- places that are safe and family oriented.
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    Cyrille, the only part of Montana I saw, was the Big Hole Battlefield National Park, in western Montana. It's where Chief Joseph left twelve Nez Perce warriors to hold off 240 US troops, so the tribe could escape into Canada. You can still tour, and see where they holed up, and held the soldiers off. They dug foxholes, and moved around, from hole to hole, to make the soldiers think there were more of them. There's a museum at the site, that has relics left on the field, and it's an interesting place to visit, also. Well, that's my Montana knowledge!

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    Don't worry.You will never run out of things to see in Montana.What a wonderful state! sam.