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    hello agian,
    ok lets say i have my handgun andi know the size bullet i need, now can you explain what make stuff like 125 grain and those other numbers next to the bullet mean????
    thanks for any info!
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    If only I had my charts here...
    If memory is right, 1 gram is about 15.6 grains. I think a 180gr bullet is 11.66 grams.
    Also, there are a lot of different shapes of bullets out there, which primarily affect what happens when it hits the target, ie mushrooming, fragmenting, etc.

    As far as other numbers go, have you ever taken physics? If so, explaining some things may be easier.

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    Those numbers represent the weight of the bullet in grains of weight. There are 7000 grains in a pound, and 437.2 grains in an ounce. Grains are the most common form of weight measure in shooting and reloading when measuring small weights under 2 ounces or so.