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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. jerry

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    Wev'e all seen this before, looks like it's becoming a possible issue again.

    The U.S. Justice Department is turning to technology to help guns recognize whose finger is on the trigger.
    The National Institute of Justice, the research and development arm of the Justice Department, is teaming up with Metal Storm, an electronic gun maker, to study how a firearm could be designed to determine whether the person wielding it should be allowed to fire it.

    "If an officer drops a gun or it is taken away from him during a tussle, a 'smart' gun could not be turned against him because there would be means of specifically identifying the authorized user," said Charles Vehlow, Metal Storm's chief corporate officer. "The study will identify the various technologies that could make this possible and recommend the best ones to use."
  2. Klaus

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    Sure. They can also add a LoJack, in case the gun gets stolen. Maybe add image recognition and artificial intelligence, so that the gun can back the LEO up while he is cuffing the perp. They could incorporate a database of warrants, so the handgun can rapidly identify wanted men.

  3. Big Dog

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    Bad Idea!

    Having worked for ten years with military electronic equipment (designed to much more stringent standards than commercial stuff) one thing I learned was that it will fail at the worst possible time! Mr. Murphy has a hand in anything electronic or mechanical.
    Question - would you trust your life to a gadget made by the lowest bidder? :eek:

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I read somewhere New Jersey is trying to pass a law for future "smart" gun legislation. Something about when the technology becomes available, everyone must have a "smart" gun within 5 yrs I believe.
  5. Stewart

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    I don't remember the manufacturer but I did see a prototype of the hand gun described. The light went green in the hand of the authorized shooter and red in the hand of the unauthorized shooter which would not allow it to fire. They did discuss however that the existing technology was too delicate for an actual firing model at that time.
  6. oneastrix

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    Klaus is right......the possibilities are endless!LOL

    Sounds like one more thing to malfunction and get me killed if you ask me!
  7. Calvin

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    What's next-smart knives? How about smart cars? Smart alcohol containers that won't allow you to drink anymore if your BAC is over the legal limit?
    Who decided that artificial intelligence is a replacement for common sense? Oh, wait, I know-common sense isn't so common anymore, right?
  8. PAPA G

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    read at another site(CSP) that it failed by one vote!!! this was the second attempts to pass this bill, i know that after a while the sponsors will try again. its comming. this is why i advocate moving to a gun friendly state if ones home state is hell-bent on eliminating gun rights.:assult: :nod:
  9. wes

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    I think I'll just keep mt "dumb" guns.
  10. NRAJOE

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    Re: NRAJOE

    :eek:Man that was way too close Papa G!
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  11. Calvin

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    1*, as an up-and-coming LEO, I am totally against anything that stands a chance of crapping out at the worst possible time. Things are rough enough. Treat all traffic stops like a felony stop, never let anyone inside your "comfort zone", don't overlook everyone/everything at the scene of a civil disturbance, keep your stance in case you have to move quickly, when you approach a vehicle at night, stay out of the spot/takedown light so you cannot be seen, if the windows are too dark on the vehicle, approach with extreme caution or call for backup, try to avoid a civil rights violation at all costs, etc., etc.
    Now, some idiot who doesn't even LIKE guns wants me to trust my life to a computer chip in a gun that only allows me to use it? I don't know about you, but it gets cold up here in the winter time, and I'll most likely be wearing gloves. I will not get frostbitten because of a stupid computer chip and the feel-good city attorney says it's in my best interest. I'll take my chances during a gun-grab attempt with my own method, and use my training to the best I can. I have no desire to die on the street, and I WILL overcome. My wife and kids are too important to me. I know the situation, and the computer chips only respond one way. I'll have many options, and artificial intelligence is NOT one of them.
  12. BenP

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    Sounds more like Judge Dredd every day. Hmmmm......

    What happens with this smart gun if the authorized shooter holds it with his off hand? or with a glove on? of with some sort of injury to his hand making him change his grip?

    Sorry, he who makes and markets one of these contraptions is begging for a negligence lawsuit if the weapon fails in a survival situation. Jersey's gonna wind up a gun free state if they pass that stupid law. The first thing I would do if I had to own one of those smart guns is disable the brain/sensors so anyone could use it.
  13. Well guys it's time to buy all the non smart guns that you can, before the laws change.
  14. Stopper

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    Maybe they will add a cup holder or something for my beer. I hate having to set my beer down then aim and shoot. Gimme a cup holder!!

    Then it will be a breathalyzer on the gun - then I'm screwed!!

    This is all in fun - right?!?!?! I am joking of course, I can shoot with one hand and drink with the other!!!