More deaths attributed to INS

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    I was watching Fox News last night and learned that the INS has a few more deaths to its credit. After allowing the September 11 terrorist to hang out in the US long after their student visas' expired, and even renewed some of them after the attack, they are now connected with the Beltway Dirtbag Killer.

    Appearantly the "girlfriend" or "spotter", or "youthful companion" of Mohommed is an illegal alien. At one point they had him in custody and released him on his word that he would show up on his own free will for a deportation hearing, all of which VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW. Federal Law requires that the INS hold detainees until their deporation hearing, no bail, no bond, no weekend pass. I wonder who is going to hold their feet to the fire on this one. :confused:
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    Yep, heard this one yesterday thought the same thing. Malvo should have been deported as soon as the violation was determined. They didn't waste too much time deporting the two undocumented workers from Mexico at the phone both. Once again gives you warm fuzzy feeling about INS.


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    Lets sue them!!!