More New Mosin's Tikka model 39

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  1. An EMPIRE ARMS exclusive!
    Tikka Model 39 Mosin Nagant rifles

    We have just opened the very last crates of our Finn M39 rifles fresh from Finland, and these are all UNISSUED rifles in PRISTINE condition with 1943 dated TIKKA barrels. These Tikka-barreled rifles are one of the RAREST varieties of Finn M39's, as very few were made and even less survive in this shape. All have UNISSUED postwar stocks with only a few very minor scuffs or compressions from being palletized for transportation. The bores are mirror-bright and all parts retain 100% bluing (except the matching-numbered bolt, which is "in the white"). This opportunity will not last long! $595. SOLD OUT!
    • [​IMG] Similar (awesome) condition M39 rifles, but with wartime SAKO or VKT (Valmet) barrels instead of Tikka, (our choice, no arsenal tags) . . . less than a dozen available. $325 SHIPPING INCLUDED C&R
    • [​IMG] as above, barrel made by VKT (Valmet) and dated either 1941, 1942 or 1944, with Finn arsenal-tag attached. . . less than a dozen available. $350 SHIPPING INCLUDED C&R

    Well their sold out but just looking at what you could of had is NICE LOL !!!
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  2. SwedeSteve

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    Mine is prettier, LOL! I think Moose has one of the "target" models.

  3. LOL !!! I'm sorry I didn't see Sold Out until after I posted it LOL..
    I was in a hurry to shake up the Mosinitisans here LMAO !!!!
    You know what I think this was the site with the New Polish M-44's and there not here anymore.
    I was trying my hardest not to buy one because of the price.
    I bet Marion sold his trike (LOL) and bought them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care...A.H
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  4. SwedeSteve

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    I just like seeing them, period... At least I know they're not all gone !!
  5. There are none as fair as Tarja... she now has a name to match her looks.
    Thanks Steve.

    As far as the M39's they have left... Kind-of expensive for a VKT that you can still get at SOG for $260. They still have Sako and B barrels for $350 as well.
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  6. Mooseman684

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    I Don't have a Tikka YET ....:34:
  7. I have 2 Finn M39's. One VKT and one B. The VKT is named Virgil and the B is named Barry. :werd:
  8. Why are M39's just so pretty? I want one, but the cost doesn't justify getting one when I already have a 91/30 that is sooo similar!
  9. I thought that until I bought one. The only real similarity is that they both shoot 7.62 x 54R and were designed by Mosin and Nagant. If I had to sell all of my MN's the M39 would be the last to go, and it would be a fight.:smirk:

    Tarja is one sweet gal.:kiss:
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    Not a chance in hell !!!
  11. Don't tell me that! :sad2:
  12. Too late. Everybody should own a 39.:)
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    Geo- Thanks for the honor!
    jeffs- If you hold a M39 just once, you will own one! The craftsmanship is unbelievable! The Finns really put their hearts and minds into these rifles. I would part with my PU Sniper before my M39!
  14. +1 The honor is all mine.:)

    Do you want an M39 or 1891 Tikka? AIM has the 1891's... and it's killing me.:bigeyes:
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    I didn't know her too well, as I was very young, But I do remember her being from the country and not afraid to attack the task at hand with vigor.
  16. texnmidwest

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    Gotta love them country gals!:09:
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    Yep, but watch out..... They bite!
  18. I was talking to a Russian saleslady at Dillards (wife was shopping) this morning, and she was from just outside of Tula. So my Tula M44 Hex is now named Galina in her honor (very nice looking lady).

    So now we have Tula Galina, Finn Tarja, Camo (Rus) Natalia, and 91/30 Dawneska. The other 3 still have to earn their names.:)
  19. Mooseman684

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    The Tikka is SOLD.... DARN...:34:
  20. Bummer. But it looks like you have to jump on these quick. There are a lot of collectors out there.