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  1. ok, so im watching my friend karls animals whiles he in thailand for 3 weeks (i told him id do it for free, but they pay me alot anyway, i dont like getting 100 a week just for feeding animals), so anywaya giant tree fell across his neighbors two backyards, crushes his back fence and lands on his turtle pond (he loves reptiles and such) so he has a turtle pond that is covered by a huge tree and all 20-30 will die unless i removed this huge section of branches and got all the turtles out

    so me and a mutual friend got out hand saws, and cut all these branches by hand (the majority of which were 5 to 6 inches thick, i know that doesnt sound so bad, but with handsaws it sucks)

    got all the turtles out

    heres the problem, now i have all these turtles crowded into his aquariums that werent designed to fit that many and they wont be back for another 2 weeks

    what should i do about the big tree, i got in tough (sorta) with a family friend of theirs playing phone tag (leave message, respond, leave message havent talked yet)

    i cant very well call karl, hes in thailand, thats like, around the world and such

    any suggestions about what to do?
  2. Why can't you call him ? You need to because he may come up with a solution for the turtles.
    Right now kiddy size plastic swimming pools are at the stores and I would suggest you buy one for now.
    To put the turtles in and make sure they have a means to get out of the water.
    So maybe buy a bag of sand and make a sand bar for them to get on, or stick some limbs in the tiny pool.
    Take charge of the matter ...A.H

  3. thats actually not a bad idea, i like that

    i cant call him though because hes in thailand and no service and what not, his phones off....he said he would check his phone messages a few days, im sure if he sees the text that says "call me, tree on pond, bad news" he will call
  4. And depending on how many turtles he has, you might need to buy more then one kiddie pool. lol
  5. most are mid to adult size sliders, the shell is no larger than 8 inches across on the biggest one, most are about the size of an adult males palm
  6. Outstanding idea AH. Bet you'ld make a durn good gunsmith.

    SB, if your friends turtle pond has a water pump and filter you might try to use it with the kiddie pool to filter and recirculate the water.
    Good man btw. Watching after the little ones.
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    Thumbs up dude! The kiddie pool sounds good. If he has a garage, put the pool in there to prevent escapees.
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    I LIKE TURTLES!!! hehe you kinda set me up for that one....
  9. no good, the pump was crushed, if it was a tad bit below water, its went

    only the turtles survived cause they were on the bottom
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    Kiddie pools, and FRESH FOOD...

    And maybe an area for sunning??

    And may I add, nice going stalebiscuit..It shows you have a acceptance of responsibility, compassion, and a need to help others.. You're welcome in my area any time you feel like it!! God bless....
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  11. Those are some pretty good size turtles. I was thinking of the half dollar size green ones LOL !!!
    One more thing have, you thought about predators getting to the turtles ?
    Take nothing for granted and be a hero, do something for the turtles because it's only right.
    I wished I was there to help you but I'm not. Good Luck !
  12. Kiddie pool and a pond pump from HD or Lowes. Keep it part in the shade and part in the sun. Beware of predators. Feed the turtles. I bet they eat feed goldfish and nightcrawlers. Beware of predators. Cover the slide area with carpet so they can pull themselves out. Oh, and did I say beware of predators? Can you imagine a coon in that kiddie pool???
  13. well thank you, (nicest comment i ever got from anyone in new york (jk))its not much really, its like if someone asks you to watch something, you should do it, i wouldnt have an obligation to do so except i agreed to do it, end of story, id expect the same from my friend karl to, weve been buds since 9th grade
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    Good for you, quick thinking, and the turtles saved! Ah, you are a wonder, also, with that quick idea. Don't those kind of turtles eat food sold by the pet store? I can't remember. But the travelers will be glad they left you in charge. You might even be offered a bonus, and it's up to you to accept, or politely turn it down. You're a good man, Stale, and like the feller said, if you're ever out this way, the door's open!!!
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    You're sincerely welcome....
  16. ohh i got a bunch of turtle food, plus they will other things, like dead mice surprisingly and fish
  17. I'm wondering if you've taken any action yet to care for the turtles ?
    If you neighbor offer's you money this time. Take it you've earned it !!!
  18. not my neighbor, hes a friend, live a mile away

    i went today, hes also got some cats and an iguana (called banana bitch) i have to watch