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White valedictorian: A first for historically black Morehouse -

With all the divisiveness on the gay thread, I thought I'd counterbalance it.

Morehouse College in Atlanta is graduating its first white valedictorian and I'll tell you...the comments from students and faculty in this article actually give me hope.

There's some grudging here and there, but primarily, everyone's accepting it and see it as a challenge to do even better. Granted, the guy essentially grew up primarily in a black household and with black culture, but he apparently got all the best of it.

"Campus administrators say that black or white, Packwood's experience is consistent with the school's mission: to produce future leaders.
'I think some of our alumni are a little nervous about a white student graduating from Morehouse with all of its rich history for producing African-American male leaders. But I don't think it's contradictory at all,' says Sterling Hudson, the dean of admissions."

That's a very nice sentiment. Here's hoping we can look forward to more like this.

- Coeloptera
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