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Looked at a few Mosin Nagent M38s today. 7.62 x 54 One is stamped 1943 the other 1944. Both are in great shape with only minor scuffs on the stocks and no rust apparent on the metal. I'd like to buy one for 1. Deer hunting. 2.To add to my son's wall in the camo room (an WSAR10 already on the wall).

price $119.00 for either gun. Few questions: I've hunted with my SKS many times and have taken deer with it. Long as you keep the shot distance in mind, no problem killing deer with it. What range does the Mosin have? Is this an adequate deer rifle? I usually hunt shoot within 40 yards so I really have no need of a scope, but if I want a scope is it easy to mount? Any extra info is greatly appreciated. If you have a link to a site that would be great.

Or ya'll can send NRAJoe down here and he can teach me and my son all about the gun. (But, only if he brings some of his "toys".)
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NRAJOE said:
You got a C&R license Flipzter?

No, no license.

I've seen much cheaper prices on the net for this gun, but the only local dealer I know will not order for me. Guess it would cut out his "middleman" fee. Understandable from his point of view, but frustrating from mine.

I'll check out the site and see what info I can find. If scoping the rifle is trouble and expensive, I'll leave iron sights for shooting. Thanks for the info.
You got me cryin here Joe. Got me thinking about the C&R license though. If I'm going to buy more guns like this it would definitely pay off to get the license. All the links I find for the atf C&R license site are broken. As soon as I can get to the site, I'll look at filling out and app and mail it in. I'm sure it takes several weeks to get the license back, so it'll not help in this situation.

Just hate that I can see this same gun they're offering at the local place for 119 and see it on SOG for 59. Live and Learn.
Yazoo City, bout 45 miles North of Jackson.

Sooner or later Ole Miss will call me and ask for my opinion on what the problems are. Don't know why they haven't done it yet. Guess they just haven't hit bottom yet(which is scary that they can get even worse.

Dialysis is a tough life. But I guess it's according to your age on how you deal with it. Young as I am, I'd adjust. The older you are, the worse it seems.
Bought the Mosin today. 1943 date stamped. M38. Bought some "plinkin" military ammo and some "huntin" ammo. Nice gun. Very few minor scratches on the furniture. Got a few more questions:
1. Who sells the stripper clips for the Mosin? The store had none and said they had no supplier to buy them from.
2. The stock has some cosmoline, which should be easy to remove. I've had practice with that problem. But the stock has "lacqer"(?) finish. I can rub it with fingernail and it flakes off. So what's the best way to remove the finish? and what type of finish do ya'll usually put on it?
3. Does this gun have a safety? Can't find one anywhere on it.

Still trying to access the atf site about a C&R license. The gun I bought still had the SOG tags affixed. I asked about this and the guy told me they ordered from the site. So basically he bought for 60 and sold for 120. Nice profit margin there. Guess i could have waited on gun show, but I had this itch that needed to be scratched.

Thanks for all help folks.
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Thanks Joe. Wish I had checked this message before attempting to disassemble the gun. Broke the rear barrel band spring. Found a site to buy a replacement though. (Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.) Ok, got that out of my system. This is a really great rifle. GOt it all reassembled and took it out to shoot. Sweet firing gun. I think I'll replace the varnish with a similar color. Off to check out these sites now.
hmmmmm. Is there any info not available at your fingertips Joe? :insane:

Do you happen to have an active link to the atf application site for a C&R? NVM about this. I cruised ATF til I found and ordered the forms.

Thanks JOE. (My wife said I can't post messages with you if it's gonna make me want more guns.) :rolleyes:
Joe, what finish do you put on your guns after removing the shellac? I've got the stock down to bare wood. The only stocks I've done before were either painted or true-oiled.
Does that seal the wood? I'll be hunting with this rifle and would hate for water to get into the wood.
Glad to hear that spicy. I started hand rubbing with the tung oil prior to Dale's post and was worried. Did some searching on the web and found that tung oil is used to weather proof a gun.
Well, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the wood had enuf oil in it. Guess I'll learn all the little tricks as time goes on. Still waiting on my forms from the ATF.
Thanks Dennis. I did notice it shoots quite a "flame" when fired. I've actually decided against sporterizing. I love the look and feel of the original stock. Shellac was flaking off so had to fix that. Did very minor sanding to keep original look. I've put 5 coats of tung oil/000steel wool combo. Added 2 coats of wood wax, forget the name right now. Finish looks great. I think this has started me on a long road of mosin ownership.
Dennis has it baaaaad. Finally got my atf forms in today. They will be mailed off tomorrow. muwahahahah.... I'm feelinnnn it dennis, i'm feeeeeelinnnnnn itttttttt.........
NRA Joe. I've got a few questions for you about the app for C&R. Don't know if i should post here or elsewhere. On the requisition for forms, exactly what do i need if I'm only going to be buying guns and occasionally buying one for my Dad or brother?
I totally understand this license is not a commercial or business license. Never had that thought. On the license form, it states:

"You may dispose of curios and relics to any person, not otherwise prohibited by the GCA of 1986, residing in your state, and to any other FFL ina any state.You may NOT engage in the business of buying and selling curios and relics under this license "

But the license is for me and my gun collection. So if I decide to dispose of a gun I'll find a ffl buyer.
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