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Mosin Info

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Looked at a few Mosin Nagent M38s today. 7.62 x 54 One is stamped 1943 the other 1944. Both are in great shape with only minor scuffs on the stocks and no rust apparent on the metal. I'd like to buy one for 1. Deer hunting. 2.To add to my son's wall in the camo room (an WSAR10 already on the wall).

price $119.00 for either gun. Few questions: I've hunted with my SKS many times and have taken deer with it. Long as you keep the shot distance in mind, no problem killing deer with it. What range does the Mosin have? Is this an adequate deer rifle? I usually hunt shoot within 40 yards so I really have no need of a scope, but if I want a scope is it easy to mount? Any extra info is greatly appreciated. If you have a link to a site that would be great.

Or ya'll can send NRAJoe down here and he can teach me and my son all about the gun. (But, only if he brings some of his "toys".)
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On a C&R license you can only legally transfer a gun you got on that license to ANOTHER C&R holder. It has to be logged in your book and the receivers book...a C&R is NOT a commercial license...
I totally understand this license is not a commercial or business license. Never had that thought. On the license form, it states:

"You may dispose of curios and relics to any person, not otherwise prohibited by the GCA of 1986, residing in your state, and to any other FFL ina any state.You may NOT engage in the business of buying and selling curios and relics under this license "

But the license is for me and my gun collection. So if I decide to dispose of a gun I'll find a ffl buyer.
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