Mosin Monstrosity from YankeePrepper

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by RangeShooter, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Another Bubba Frankenmosin......sigh.

    Once again a bullpup bolt action just makes no sense whatsoever. You have to throw the whole gun forward just to recock the danged thing. Plus I do not want the chamber that much closer to my face if something bad happens.
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  2. Sober

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    Wow THAT IS JUST STUPID.......First thing that popped into my head was WHY? If you want a modern rifle BUY a modern rifle. I'll tell you what it is! He probably couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it thats why he had to "Shorten" everything. It was to much rifle for him! LOL
  3. He says he would like to finnish it up a bit with a dremal I think a3 pound hammer would be more appropriate for both
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    honestly that looks like complete $H!T to me. i kind of like bull pup rifles but that looks ugly. his bipod so hanging out the front, the dovetail is on the barrel, and the mosins barrel is to thin to make it look decent. that scope mount is WAY to high. he said the stock was awkward but if you ask me that thing looks A LOT more awkward than the stock rifle.

    all this being said i would like to see what a mosin could do with a good recoil pad, a bi-pod and a hi power scope.
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    what an idiot. he actually thinks he improved that poor rifle.
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    He keeps calling it a Nagant. He must not know a "Nagant" is a revolver :D Interesting kit though. Not something I would invest in. He said it only took 10 inches off the OAL, so if he likes shooting shorter guns, it sounds like he needs to find a carbine or something. It also, IMO, doesn't look to be very practical. He said the 91/30 in military configuration is "too awkward" for his liking. That thing looks like it added a bunch of weight, and it really looks awkward with the bi pod, and the scope that's on it. I wonder if it will fit in a gun case? But, if it works for him, then so be it.
  7. Hey Gannie, how many times did he call it a Nagant?
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    I've seen that stock kit at the makers website, they make a bunch of bullpup stock kits for semi-autos as well. The main advantage of a bullpup rifle is size and barrel length. Having a rifle with a full length barrel that is 10-12 inches shorter could have its advantages. Lots of hunters refere to their 30-30's as great brush guns for hunting. But what if you come to a meadow and need to make a 350 yard shot at a big buck? You probably wont have time to run back to the truck and get your Rem 700 7mm mag. I don't particularly care for that design because it doesn't have a forward mechanism for operating the bolt, and it sure looks strange, but having a long range sniper rifle about 30-36 inches long would be kinda cool.
  9. I saw this video about a week ago then I called him out on him calling it a Nagant constantly. He called me a stupid punk, removed my comment, and then blocked me all for trying to correct him, heck I even tried to do it in a nice way. :chairshot:
  10. Even said Nagit once.
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    It also looks like the thing he epoxied magnets to you have to lift open to operate the bolt, then close to get a cheek weld. Not ideal for rapid firing if you've got a line on something that's moving. He must be a good shot then :D
  12. I was thinking the same I_C. That dust cover looks like it would have to be pulled up everytime you want to cycle the bolt.
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    i think it would have looked better if it wasent so plasticy looking
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    I didn't try to be nice. We'll see if he gets his knickers in a knot and lets my comment go through or not..
  15. This is what he said to some guy telling him to just buy one of the carbines......"You might be missing the point here. If I want an an old rifle with less accuracy, distance and power I would have bought the M44 or cut the barrel off the 91."
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    About 5 minutes into the clip I wanted to punch him... $250 to destroy a beautiful rifle like that? A fool and his money, I guess...
  17. If you watch the field test he has, you can tell he has buyers remorse. That thing looks like a some kinda frickin lego stormtrooper gun.

    To think I almost purhcased one last year, but the owner of the company is rude and has no customer service skills.
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    Well, I liked the concept of this kit, but you guys know how well Yankeeprepper and I get along ;).