Mosin Nagant 10 rd Magazine

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Mosaka, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Mosaka

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    Many have tried and failed. They said it couldn't be done. But it looks like one of my fellow calgunners has just about got it dialed in. Its still in prototype phase but this one is looking real plausible:


    Mosin-Nagant Magazine- Rough Prototype -

  2. Cyrano

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    New York
    WH, cut him some slack. This is, after all, a prototype; from the look of it, a proof-of-concept piece. How about some shots from other angles and some technical details, Mosaka? How does it attach to the existing Mosin magazine? Is it detachable or is it meant to be permanently fixed? What are the details on the follower and magazine spring? Can it still be loaded with stripper clips? Things like that.
  3. That comment wasn't meant to be hateful in any way. I like the concept of this.
  4. CopperniX

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    looks like it would work but instead of just spot welding he should try a continuous bead it would look better haha
  5. frenchy

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    VERY interesting, looks like he is headed for success. If not, at least an A for effort and out of the box thinking :35:
  6. dman24

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    It looks like it attaches where the regular plate goes on the mag. It does look neat, and would be cool if he could get it to work. I may would get one, it would be nice to have 5 more shots when punching paper.
  7. Iron_Colonel

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    I agree with Dman. It does look like it uses the stock spring catch that would catch the floor plate on a stock mag. Looks cool. Is the same type of spring being used? Looks neat, and also looks like it would clean up well with some grinding. I would presume the joints will be welded? That's cool, hope it works! Might have a new marketable idea :)
  8. ChaZam

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    100 rounds!!!!!!!!!!! I want one that will hold 100 rounds that will fit in the pocket of a pocket tee shirt. Is tat asking too much?
  9. Mosaka

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    Yea, this isn't mine. But i've toyed with this exact idea in my head and i'm curious to see how it turns out. There is the link, under the photos, to the orig thread that has more photos and info. Basically he chopped the front hook tab and rear catch off a stock Mosin mag (or actually a Nagant mag since the Nagant bros. designed the magazine) and welded them on to an extension. He used a single stack WASR AK 10rd mag spring and i dont know what the follower is. But it is detachable and really seems to be a non-bubba mod if it will work. Like Cyrano said , its a proof of concept design and if it works he says hes gonna make some dies and cast up a prettier version. They were also (half) joking about welding two stripper clips together to make 10 rounders some people are lucky if they can get the 5 in.
  10. kansascoyote

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    as soon as he gets it down the chinesse will be stamping them out by the thousands for $19.99 . And he will be like what the heck just happened .
  11. CopperniX

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    no kidding the sad thing is it will probably happen.
  12. jmeck

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    Hopefully not, but how about the fake Aimpoints and Eotech's that sell for $90.00-$150.00 on Gunbroker and eBay? They even say Aimpoint and Eotech on them! Ya know I've never read a thing about any kind of lawsuite by Aimpoint or Eotech against the Chinese or the importers of such copys.
    Could it be Aimpoint and Eotech forgot to get a patent? :dunno: Not likely.
    If your not asking youself some serious questions about stuff like this, you should be.:thinking: :zx11pissed:
  13. jason1965

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    I think that doing a continuous bead would warp the metal pretty bad,being thin like that.JMHO
  14. .22guy

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    It's kinda ugly, but I dig it. I'd buy one if they were mass produced.
  15. OK I'll give you some inspiration

    Mosin Nagant Trench Gun looks like maybe 20 rounds :cool3:
  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    If Mosaka's friend proves the concept, he ought to see about getting a metal-stamping place to stamp out the magazine bodies. He still might have to spot-weld the magazine catch and the claws into place, but he just might have something pantentable there if it will fit any Mosin Nagant. Mosaka, tell him it's time to talk to a patent attorney, will you? I'd hate to see him get ripped off.

    Or, just a thought: could he get the magazine body injection-molded out of the same stuff the manufacturers of AK magazines use? that way, the onlyu metal he'd need would be the sring for the magazine release and the follower, magazine spring and the floor plate, and a pin for themto grab onto. That way, he could use existing MB floor plates and followers and save money on the manufacturing end.
  17. Iron_Colonel

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    Still looks pretty interesting. You'll have to let us know how any future testing might go!
  18. franchi

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    ok now that is just beast. i want to know when they go into production! i want one!!!