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  1. For those of you who handload for the MN, what caliber of bullets do you use? I've heard conflicting theories, and would like to get your opinions.

    I've read that some people use .311 bullets, and that some people use .308 bullets. I don't expect sub-MOA accuracy out of my 91/30's, but I would like to be able to shoot minute-of-deer out to about 200 yards. Of course, with my 50-year-old eyes and iron sights that might be kind of tough.

    One reason I'm asking is that I recently sold my .30-06, and I have a box of 500 .30 caliber 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt soft points that I never opened. If I can use these on the MN's, great. If not, I'll try to trade them for something else.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Slug you barrel to see if you can use those bullets. If you have a 91/30 you will probably have to use .311 bullets .308 (most 30-06 will slug .308) will not work as well. You should be able to get MOD at 200 yards with most over the counter 54R hunting loads. But if you want to get into reloading for it, in the reloading section there are some good threads with alot of info. Also it Iron sights are getting hard to use have you looked into a scout mount set-up? Its just an idea but it might be something that you want to look into if not.

  3. .308 wont work in any of my mosins. it's .3105 or bigger for me!
    been a long time since i measured, but i'm sure the winchester factory hunting ammo uses bigger than .308 as well. anyone got some they can measure to refresh my memory?
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    Yep, my smallest bore is also .3105", on my M39. It likes the .311" bullets.
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    Slug your barrel. My 91/30 slugged out .304 land to land and .314 groove to groove and I use Hornady .312 bullets ranging from 150gr to 174gr and they are labeled as being for a British .303. Hope to get some of the 203gr D166 bullets to try out in my M91 Remington soon. I've also used one listed as a AK47 bullet, 7.62(.311)x39 125gr, though on that Sierra box it also says British .303 and have found them to group nicely and shoot very flat out to 100m. A .308 bullet would probably just keyhole outta my barrel at 100m after bouncing down it. My handloads are much more accurate that surplus and a little bit better than commercial loads.
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    A good bullet if your bore slugs large is the Hornady 174gr .312 HPBT. I put it in front of 44grs of IMR 4064 with great results.
  7. I use a 150gr Sierra Pro-Hunter .311 diameter in both my 91/30 and my Lee Enfield. I wouldn't use .308 bullets because if I am going to spend my time reloading I may as well use the right diameter bullet to make my accuracy the best I can.
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    sierra 180 prohunter .311 for the 303 and 49gr of IMR4350
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    Still running on the 2000 147 grain .311" FMJBT's I got from Wideners for $152 shipped.
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    i use the hornady SST .308 with iron sights in my M38 i get holes that touch each other at 150 yards
  11. The best way to retain the value of those .308 150's is to buy a M1 Garand, this way you can keep your dies as well. Well it sounds good on paper.
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    I've not handloaded yet, but I've got some Russian ammo thats had the bullets replaced with Hornady .308 150 gr. and they shoot awful. Thats in my 91-30. I've not tried them in either of my Model 44's yet. So I'm gonna use .311 or .312 bullets when I get dies. I've not slugged any of my barrels yet.
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    I'm a betting the bullets that were pulled were certainly not .308".
  14. how did you get the .308 bullets to stay in place without dies? the original bullet had to be at least .0025 bigger. i think you'd be better off using the original bullets and weighing the powder to make sure they were all the same. unless of course, your only reason for replacing the bullets was to get soft points for hunting in there.
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    I didn't load'em. I got them off a guy I worked with. He ordered them somewhere. Some aftermarket company seated the bullets. They look to be crimped lightly.
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    You got that right.