Mosin Nagant M 91/30 Sling Installation

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by M.R. Don, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. M.R. Don

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    I just got a Mosin Nagant M 91/30 and if anyone has a pic what the Mosin look like with the sling! It has buckles on the ends! Igot the Moisn Nagant M 91/30 for $149.95 w/oil bottle,bayonet,sling in Florida at Ocala Armory in Ocala Fl! He has a hole bunch of Model 91/30 and M /44'ss in unused condition! He has pretty resonible prices! Please reply if you have a pic. or you need more info about the Ocala Armory!

    Safe Huntin! :target: :nod:
  2. M.R. Don

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    sorry i made 2 of these

  3. Cranky-Kraut

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    OK M.R.Don....I counted the same post 3 times. I hope you know what this means....

    You will now only be permitted to shoot with Albanian ammo. Furthermore, we will force you to buy one of AIMS $15.000.00 "genuine M44 Sniper rifles".

    No, your punishment is not over yet.

    Now you will be forced to shoulder my M44 and fire 50 consecutive rounds within 30 minutes. Every time you complain about how badly the huge purple bruise must shoot 5 more rounds.

    That will teach you ! LOL
  4. M.R. Don

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    LoL Would enjoy shooting all that free ammo! LoL my arm would probably fall off with a resounding Thud!!!!!!!
  5. Dennis

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    CRANKY Be nice to the new guy
    Mr Don Is your Mosin a Soviet, or a Finnish of a What?
    Have you shot it?
    Can you give us a Range report?