Mosin Nagant M91\30\M44 Faulty Parts warning

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  1. guys if you of you have gotten a M91\30 from Big 5 check your Barrel Bands! the clips which hold them in Place Are Sabotaged parts when they there Built back in WW2 some of the rilfe parts were Created by german Captives forced to Make parts for this weapon they are created to fail

    if your Pin which holds the barrel Bands are rounded it can come loose and you can Brake The Top Wood cover Spliter Danger! check your Bands close befor firing! this counts for the M44 carbine aswell


  2. are you having a laugh?
    1) does this count only for big 5 rifles?
    2) why would germans saboteurs bother to sabotage a part that's not life threatening or even needed to fire the weapon?
    3) nevermind. it's got to be a joke.

  3. NO Joke

    its a Pain In the Butt Having to Stop and Force the Bands back into Place Takes time which a Russian Soldier would have not have ! so he would be Pushing the Parts Back in Place! and not shooting the enemy

    you need the wood on top so you dont Burn Your hands on the barrel
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  4. i'd think about that a little more before posting it. if someone's shooting at you are you even gonna mess with it? no. you'd rip the piece of wood out of the way and keep shooting. it's not something that would slow a soldier down let alone hurt them.
    where did you hear this story? it as phoney as a three dollar bill.
  5. both of rifles hade this prob gun smith in las vegas replaced the pins showed me onces they were correct ones that came on my rifle didnt hold the bands in they were rounded off He installed onces which were correct Works Now so better then Busting Your grip off the top of your gun!
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  7. Well, I can agree that a defective band would not hold the hand guard in place properly.

    As to how it got that way, I'm just not buying the notion of German prisoners doing this.
  8. i hope you kept the "rare" sabotaged ones. they're probably worth a lot more than the rifles for thier historical signifigance!
  9. you ever seen what they do to your mosins at the arsenal when they rearsenal them? it involves the use of a large beltsander a drunk peasant and a can of shellac. no mystery on how parts can get rounded off.

  10. thats a Good one lol
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    This whole thread should be in the Humor Section...Whoever told you This is full of Crap, so I'm Waving the BS Flag !!!
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    Just bend the barrel band out more. Or square the edges again with a file and use a little touch up blue. Could have saved money rather than taking it to a smith. Easy enough to buy your own replacements too and install. Just a little nail and a hammer punch away to fix. It's not uncommon either to have the barrel bands slide on the stock and handguard either. They will only go so far anyways, nothing to be worried about.
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    What about those of us who shopped at Cabela's, or J&G Sales, or MGS, or Classic???? Are we in danger also????????
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    I don't know about you guys but mine are a little rounded but the bands are still a pain in the *** to get off lol They sure as heck aint gonna come of while shooting. Especially the rear bad I usually have to use a flathead screwdriver and some mucles to even move that bad boy.

    And now that I think about why the heck would someone Sabotage the Barrel Bands and not the receiver or the mag well or heck even the trigger? Seems to me like you would have to be pretty stupid to think that sabotaging the barrel bands would even do anything. Who cares if the Handguard wood breaks that sure as heck aint gonna stop me from firing at the Nazi's
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    NW AR
    i do think the bayonetes on the 91/30's have been sabotagied, ever try and get one of them things back off after forcing one on, almost put my eye out.
  16. I don't see why it would just be rifles from Big5.
  17. Some of the german prisoners are still working there.
  18. Gee with the top wood off the guns wouldn't they be more accurate! A Free floater.. Maybe that's what the prisoners wanted, that way the war would end earlier so they could get out back home. ;)

    Now if they were installing those ebay muzzle breaks that would be a different story.

    Man that makes really no since to me either, perhaps it's simply one of those stories that a repairman tells you when he want to sell you something you don't need.

    Oh well
  19. LOL! classic! glad i wasn't drinking anything when i read that!
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    There hasn't been anything in the humor forum that funny for a month!!