Mosin Nagant price?

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  1. I was looking at an M-44( the one with attached bayonet) As I have been reading on this site and checking prices, the price of this gun is $200. The gun was made at the Tula Armory couldn't read the year. It has no import marks and the serial number is the original one not changed by an importer. It looks like it may have been submerged for a perid of time textured like an orange peal. Rifling is dark but there and just passes the bullet test. the buttstock has a horizontal crack 2" from the heel and the piece was completely broken off and poorly repaired. The gun is claimed to be a Viet Nam bring home gun. At the price of one of the newley imported guns $200 seems to be really high Comments please
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    If they had documentation to prove it's status as a "bring back", then a collector might pay $200 for it. I would recommend you just buy one off the local gun shop, or the internet.

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    I would tend to agree with Swede. Too many ways to fake bring back paperwork. $200 bucks can get you a lot of rifle in better shape. Plus, if you are new to Mosins and are just looking for a shooter then buy one from one of the shops or through a distributor. You could buy several for what that one cost.
  4. It's not worth it. too bad it had to be a Tula in that poor condition.
  5. M44 Tulas are fairly rare (~100,000 made), and are going for ~$200 in very good to excellent condition. If the guy will let it go for less than $150 then it might be a good deal... if you are planning to restore it and be a collector.

    Take the bring-back story with a grain of salt as most of the Russian M44's were already in cosmolene by the early 50's, and the Chinese were supplying all of the weapons (from their own arsenals) in the form of AK's, SKS's, and M53's to the NVA.

    If you just want a very good shooter, in carbine form, get an M38 (no attached bayo) or M44 (attached bayo) from SOG, J&G, AIM, etc. They run $69.95 (M44) to 89.95 (M38).
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