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Hello forum,

I recently got a Mosin Nagant 91/30. I'm loving it. I'm trying to turn it into a deer rifle and I have a few general questions:

I recently put a scope on it using a scout mount. I tried to set it yesterday but ran out of time at the range before I could get it zeroed (there was a 2 hour time limit at the range)

If you care to look at my targets, you can check Time has Little to do with Infinity and Jelly Donuts —. They are on my current post.

OK, my questions: I got my groups down to a 2" group at 50 yards and a roughly 5" group at 100 yards. I'm using a Tasco 4 x 32 scope. I was using Bulgarian military surplus ammo and was shooting from a benchrest that was sandbagged.

1) Can the military surplus ammunition account for some variation? My plan was to shoot milsurp stuff until I got close and then switch to S&B or something comparable for hunting.

2) My scope mount has those large slotted "thumb screws" that hold the Weaver rings to the rail. I did notice them coming a bit loose with shooting. Would Loc-tite help or should I get some rings that have hex nuts to tighten them on?

3) The eye relief on my scope is a little short. I put both scope rings in front of the adjustment knobs and it works fine. A couple of gunsmiths said this would be OK recoil wise, but I want 2nd and 3rd opinions :). I do plan to get a scout scope, but it will probably be after deer season.

4) For a deer rifle, would it be worth slugging the barrel to see what diameter bullet I need? I have read a little about some of the variation between bullet diameters.

5) At what point do I suspect something wrong with the gun itself? The barrel looks almost pristine with good rifling consistent down the barrel (i.e. close to the muzzle and receiver as well)

6) What should be my next steps for tightening up these groups?

Thanks so much for your time!

Freedom Zealot
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Milsurp ammo varies from round to round.
Use loctite.
Scope rings are ok. But not the way the scope was intended.
Slug the barrel if you are curious.
Usually not the gun.
After the above, use your sling!
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