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Mosin Nagant Tap and Die

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    I've got a slightly stripped forward barrel where the front screw holds the magazine assembly to the rifle. Looking for a tap and die in metric 8mm x .8 threads per inch. Standard size would seem to be about 1/4 x 32 tpi. My search today got me no results about town. Anyone know where to get something like this?

  2. Twitch2120

    Twitch2120 G&G Evangelist


    in all seriousness see if you can get a metric to standard converter online to get the correct standard size. if not then you might have to ream out the hole and use a slightly larger screw once you tap the hole. if you have a local mom&pop type hardware store go there and ask around. those places are littered with knowledge
  3. kortik

    kortik Suspended

    That screw is real strange. It seems to be inch thread, 32 threads per inch, but major diameter is something like 0.256" or a bit larger. At some time in the past, I've looked for appropriate tools, but no luck, and I generally know places where to look...

    Check this:

    Mosin Nagant

    They have what appears to be freshly made action screws, possibly made in the US. May be they know, or may be they used CNC lathe to make those, which is what I think they did.
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  4. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Спасибо за информацию!

    I have come across that site before, but never thought anything of it. Didn't even think to ask them if they had any information too.

    Victor Machinery - Metalworking tools and supplies

    I found this place, and sent them an email if they have anything that might work, or if they can make one. I will definitely pass any information on :)
  5. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    What about that thread repair stuff that you twist around the screw ??
  6. roverboy

    roverboy G&G Enthusiast

    This may be a dumb question but
    did you check the thread pitch
    with a metric thread guage? I was
    just asking because I have used a
    standard by mistake then realized
    what I was doing wrong. Do you
    have any metric taps now? If so
    have you tried any 8mm taps yet?
    If you can determine what the thread
    pitch is maybe you can figure this out.
    It could even be a gun specific tap.
    Some taps are very hard to find for
    gun specific threads. Good Luck.
    Let us know what you find out.
  7. Ken in Iowa

    Ken in Iowa G&G Evangelist

    It's 32 TPI according to Ted. Commonly known as 1/4"x32.

    Mosin Nagant Rifle Specifications

    Victor can supply one. High Speed Steel Special Pitch Taps - many hard to find sizes and threads

    I'm not a professional machinist, and it's not my rifle, but I wonder if you can clean out the threads by making a tap from another action screw. Since you're not actually cutting, just cleaning, this often works. Just use a 3 corner file to cut some angled valleys in the 'tap'. Use an aerosol can of oil to lube and clean your work and go slow.

    I would really dissuade you from opening it up to 8mm unless it's really necessary.

    I hope you get it squared away IC.
  8. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Thanks Ken. I searched I had seen all the thread specs before. But thats what I found was the TPI. However, a guy at an auto parts store must have put it to a thread gauge or something, because he said it was 8mm x .8 threads TPI. At that point, I was desperate looking all around. I went to 5 different places and found nothing. I guess they are close, but 8mm looks a little bigger than 1/4 inch. I sent Vector an email to see what they could do for me yesterday and just awaiting a reply. I found a 32 TPI tap in my kit that I have, but the size was far too small. The thread pitch matched up quite well when I held them together.

    But at this point, I think I'd need the tap to make way, the threads on the screw aren't in that good of shape, rounded over and ugly looking. But I don't have any extra action screws laying around either, and I wouldn't want to screw a good one up with no extras. I'll see what Vector has to tell me and consider my options from there.
  9. kortik

    kortik Suspended


    If it's a screw that you're not happy with, and not a threaded hole itself (check if good screw goes in all right), you may be able, may be, to restore and clean up the screw threads by using the adjustable 1/4"-32 die.
    Dies are normally adjustable, as they have a "push" screw to open them up and another screw in a die holder to do the opposite. However, I do not know if you can open up that die to 0.256" (+0.006" above nominal), just have no personal experience...

    Looks like one of the places to get this die at reasonable price is
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  10. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    OMG....no1 has picked up on the title yet....:sgrin:hehehehe...."tap and die"....geriatrics gone wild?

    *runs away*:burnout:....surprised steve hasn't experienced that yet....and gannie can't cuz...well...yeahhh....ok, enuff evil rambling....:scool: peace!!!

    Mucho Luv....<not gay>
  11. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    Colonel, when you don't know what you are doing, the smart move is to ask someone who does. Call around and find a machine shop intrigued enough to take a look at it.

    Take your rifle and the worn screw to a really good machine shop, and speak to a master machinist. I can tell you a good machine shop will have taps and die nuts you've never heard of. A machinist may be able to fix the problem on the spot for you. This won't be the first time a machine shop has dealt with an odd size of screw (by American standards).
  12. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    The only thing I don't know, is where I am going to get my own tap and die so I can do this project and get this baby in my ATI stock so I can shoot it! Waiting for replies via emails. I have used them before, so this isn't anything out of my mechanically inclined realm.
  13. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    I am not sure what this is you mention. Can you elaborate more?
  14. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    I was laying in bed thinking of this last night. 8mm is a lot bigger than 1/4 inch. Well, I guess when you get down to it it is. A quarter inch is about a .25 caliber, which is just larger than a .24 caliber that is 6mm, and an 8mm is larger than a .30 cal, which is 7.62 which are both larger than a 6mm so yea, now I see why you said that. I get things.......It just takes a day, or three lol. Good point, I don't know where that guy got 8mm then. Odd. But then does that mean the thread pitch is still .8mm in metric?
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