Mosin Nagant Yes or No

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Michaelf464, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Hi im new to the world of being a rifle owner and ive been looking at the mosin nagant , unissued as a rifle to take medium game like goats. I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be suitable?

    Ive heard from a few mates that its an all round reliable rifle and accurate enough.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    It will be fine...It is almost the equal to a 30/06 !

  3. Not sure where you are located, but they are a great into rifle and easily obtainable because of the price and availability. They are about $100 here in the US (about 80 euros). If you are in the US they are on sale right now at Big5 for $79.
  4. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Thanks mate, yeah ive fired the 7.62x39 cal before so i figured the x54 had a bit of punch any idea if the accuracy is fine out around 100-150 yards?
  5. kansascoyote

    kansascoyote G&G Newbie

    It will drop a goat like a bad habit . Accurate out to 600 yrds
  6. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Oh , you ever heard of New Zealand? Yeah they market here for around 250 NZD and come with the sling, bayonet, cleaning kit and all that good stuff, once you factor the exchange rates and stuff thats not to bad. thanks for the advice.
  7. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    Hunting ammo comes in 180 gr. and 200/205 gr....plenty of stopping power !
    By the way...Welcome to G&G !
  8. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Thanks For the welcome, yeah it looks like a prety awsome site, i figured as well because its a military round that FMJ surplus rounds might be cheap for practice?
  9. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    Our 440 round cans of Surplus used to be 40 they are about 90-100
  10. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Welcome aboard. Some here will tell you that if the bullet doesn't get the goat, the muzzle blast will. Just some friendly advice DON'T EVER call them Nagants (that's a revolver) Some folks get REAL upset when you do that. Don't they guys?
  11. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Oh bummer, but then i guess its not as widespread as cheap chinese FMJ for the 7.62x39 then is it. Thanks heaps for the advice i might go and impulse buy me a mosin-nagant .
  12. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Well, I you lived here Royal Tiger Imports had 440 rounds of Polish on sale for 70 bucks US. But yeah, milsurp ammo make lots of cheap plinking. Of course for serious hunting, it would be some of my reloads in soft point.
  13. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, just give me ANY excuse to use this!


  14. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    Haha no i will refer to it by its proper name Mosin-Nagant, were not even allowed revolvers so i wont make the mistake.
  15. Sober

    Sober G&G Newbie

    My grandfather has an All Blacks Sports Jacket that he bought in New Zeland. He says its Beautiful out there. He has taken many of trips there. He usally visits there on his way to Australia too.....................Anyway Yah that Goat doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell if you have him sighted in with a Mosin. I just wonder how much meat will actually be left afterwards.
  16. YugoCrazy

    YugoCrazy G&G Newbie

    [ame=""]YouTube- 640 yards with a WWII Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Sniper rifle[/ame]

    OP = Answer Your Question?
  17. Michaelf464

    Michaelf464 G&G Newbie

    oh mean an all blacks supporter in seattle, yeah it is a wicked place to live , i knew a girl who used to live out in the forest near seattle, she said it was even more beautiful then NZ . You think the caliber might be to big for Goats? Cause my mates property has pigs as well and i was thinking that the Mosin-Nagant would be good for both, since it would have the range for the goats , maybe 100-150 yards, and the stopping power for pigs.
  18. franchi

    franchi Guest

    the mosin will be fine, just adjust bullet weight/expansion for the game.
    here is a generic set up or two for hunting.

    set up no.1
    bare bones 91/30 $120usd for a good hex reciever
    bare bones M44 carbine $200usd for a nice round.
    set up no.2
    Mosin 91/30 $120usd
    Jmeck scope mount $70(i think)
    scope $50-500 (or zero if you already have one)
    synthetic stock $70usd
    bent bolt $50
    set up no.3
    Mosin 91/30 $120
    rear sight scope rail $20-70
    long eye relief scope $70-500
    synthetic stock $70, wood stock $80
    set up no.4
    Mosin 91/30 $120
    barrel trim and ReCrown to your own standards $50
    jmeck scope mount $70
    scope $50-500
    wood stock $80
    Timney trigger adjustable $80
    screw on recoil pad for LOP $15
    bent bolt and saftey ring $65
    glass bedding kit $25
    end result, one really sweet looking and shooting rifle!
    have fun with the mosin. but if you want something with a little more class there is always the mauser98...
  19. MN for Pigs/Hogs, oh yeah!
    [ame=""]YouTube- Hog Hunting - Best Shot Ever[/ame]
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