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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Hog Red, Sep 19, 2010.

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    does anyone else use the Mosin Nagant as a currency converter? Bought my wife some roses for our anniversary and the first thing that comes to mind is I could have gotten a M91/30 for that.
  2. Well your forgetting the possible dividends that bringing roses home could have vs bringing a Mosin home.. Granted the Mosin will last longer and give you more hours of pleasure ;)

  3. jason1965

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    I always buy my wife some flowers or something before I bring home or before my next gun purchase comes by way of the BBTOH.
    It helps to soften the blow.She hates it when I buy another gun.She always asks"Why do you always buy guns?Don't you have enough?"and to that I say"because I can and one can never have enough guns".
  4. texnmidwest

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    I am constantly using Mosins to assess value. TV 800 bucks is equal to 8 to 9 mosins!
  5. jason1965

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    Every time my wife gets her hair done,which cost around one hundred dollars or more,I either buy ammo or another gun.
  6. Its another dilemma concerning Mosin and Men. I think Mosins are wonderful and so are Roses, but let me paint a mental picture for you,,, guy breaks in your house and you have a Mosin Nagant in the corner and a vase of Roses on your table, don't think your going to grab a Rose and beat him with the thorns but you could use the Mosin Nagant to pole vault yourself into the intruder with both feet into his chest cavity.
  7. Iron_Colonel

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    Well, Mosins will certainly last longer than roses, so you should have bought her a Mosin instead of roses. Or, you could have bought one rose, and presented the rifle to her with a rose in the barrel sticking out the muzzle. It is a much more sound investment, as you can resell the Mosin for at least what you paid for it. How much can you sell the roses you got her for in a couple years ;)
  8. I just bought four new tires for my truck @ $250 each. Let's see now. How many Mosin Nagants would that be equal to. I can't dwell on it very long; it's too painful.

  9. Whoa! It only costs me about $13 to get my hair cut...:lol: But when I do buy something expensive I always think about how many Mosins (or cans of milsurp ammo) I could've gotten.
  10. Mosins also last longer than
  11. Well, I've got more Mosins than ex's. The Mosins and the current gal are all keepers.
  12. gandog56

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    But it sort of tips her off. Flowers for no reason means you bought another frigging gun.
  13. I always compare a large purchase to the amount of Mosins. But then I start breaking it down into how of a variations. Like this computer cost my 9 91/30's or 3-4 m39's, or 6-7 m44's.