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Mosin Scope Mounts

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Calvin, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Does Federal Arms still make the reproduction scope mounts for the Mosin? I used to see them in the SG News, but haven't seen them lately. I don't like the B-Square, as you lose your iron sights. And, I'm not too hip on the Advanced Technologies mount, either. I have an M39, and would like to scope it, but I also don't want to pay $300 for the original mount. Anyone know? TIA
  2. holyokster

    holyokster G&G Newbie

    Try going to Darrel has a scope mount designed for the M39 that works great. You do have to remove the rear leaf sight like the B-Square with his but it's make better than the B-Square and costs about $50.00. IMHO I don't think the Federal Arms unit is very good. I had one for a Mini-14 and it didn't hold up very well. Hope this helps.

  3. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    holyokster, I tried that link and get a 'server not found' message. I'm also looking for a mount that won't alter the rifle. (No way in hell will I drill my MN!!)
  4. holyokster

    holyokster G&G Newbie

    Mico, use your search engine to look for Parallax gun forums, this will lead you to the Mosin Nagant forum and the scope mount made by Darrel. This mount does not require drilling or tapping. The rear leaf sight pin is removed and the mount is slid in it's place. Good luck and good shooting.
  5. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    Much obliged, holyokster!
  6. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    S&K "scout" mounts for the 91/30

    Does anyone have any experience with this mount? S&K offers them on their website. If anyone has a report, what scope is recommended?

    I've often thought about trying Jeff Cooper's ideas out with a Mosin Action. There is a Steyr Scout in 7mm-08 going for close to 3000 (!) in a local store.. and if you ask me, thats WAY too much for a rifle that doesn't incorporate one of the advantages you get from a long eye relief scope mounted in front of the action : The ability to rapidly charge the magazine with stripper clips.


    I have a Mosin that someone was turning into a sporter that has a really nice parkerizing job, button crowned, cut the barrel to 18 inches and has the turn-down bolt. Then they went ahead and drilled and tapped it, put on a cheap scope. When I rescued this rifle, the vertical adjustment knob of the BSA 4x9x32 had popped loose (!) allowing the nitrogen to leak out.. haha. I love it.

    Well, this begins a new project for me. The mosin scout. I'll keep everyone posted. Please, share any ideas you may have. Bear in mind, I do NOT like carving up history. This rifle had already been permanently disfigured.

    1. I'd like any experiences with the S&K mount and a good, but not incredibly expensive LER scope.
    2. Ideas about how to incorporate an integral folding bipod into a sporter stock. This I'm actually working on.
    3. Handling mosin with the ching-sling.

  7. Mico

    Mico G&G Newbie

    I hear that VZ, I don't like carving it up, either. It pains me.

    I'd looked into the mount that replaced the rear sight leaf at (no drilling) and discovered that on average the eyepiece would be about 10-13 inches from the eye. Unless you have a scope with an eyepiece the size of a dinner plate, I don't see this working except with a Red Dot type of unit. The MN was simply not designed for a scope, and I've pretty much given up on that unless someone here has a better idea.
  8. gcarda

    gcarda G&G Newbie

    Savage 340 Scope Mount on MN

    The scope mount for a Savage 340 works well on a MN. I have an M44 that I had this done. With this mount you need to inlet the stock just a little and tap and die 4 holes for the mount and of course you need a bent bolt, but the combo is just great.
  9. What you''re looking for is an EER (extended eye range?) scope

    They mount in place of the rear sight, but they work like a pistol scope and are designed to be looked thru from afar.

    I have the rear sight on my 91/30 replaced with one, and I love it. After a little practice, I found I could acquire the target much faster, partly because it was easier to look thru it while keeping both eyes open. I also don't need to have a pair of reading glasses on to see the reticule and target clearly (although that may not matter to you if your eyes are younger than mine).

    The clincher is that you don't need any permanant modifications to your piece. That may not matter to you, depending on what you have and how much respect its history is entitled to.
  10. at4rxj

    at4rxj G&G Newbie

    Kalinka Optics...; Side Mounts

    They have the original-looking mount for the Mosin. I've bought an AK mount from them before, great customer service.

    Hope this helps. I don't care for the scout mounts personally. Granted I've never used one, but it seems to me like using the extended eye relief scopes takes away from the gun's potential. I dunno... I say keep those kind of scopes on handguns.
    Anyway, just my $.02
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  11. Tallyman

    Tallyman G&G Newbie

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  12. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Wonder how the originator of this thread is doing with his Chemo? :(
  13. JAMES

    JAMES G&G Newbie

    Wow....old thread. Has it been a while since anyone's heard from Calvin, Joe?
  14. toolman

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  15. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i have a butchered m44 that someone hacked off the front site and stuck a ncstar 2x20 scope on it looks like caca but it does work, it has the kind of mount you are talking about, it replaces the rear sight leaf. its a cryin shame this happened but i got a scoped rifle thats shoots0.942 groups @100 yds. for $65 now i want a undamaged m44!