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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Purdy, Sep 13, 2010.

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    What do you guys do to adjust your Mosin's sights so you can hit something? I have a Mosin carbine and with the rear sight in the lowest position, it shoots about 20 inches high at 100 yards. Pretty much useless as is, its a wonder the Russians were able to stop the Nazis in WWII with this kind of weapon.
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    LOL, a rifleman should ID his target within 500 meters then shot him at 300 meters. A Mosin Nagant is sighted in for ~300 meters, mine all shoot high at 100 too, if I don't subtract some elevation from my sight picture. Shooting isn't about a good sight picture, it's about knowing your weapons and shooting where you know it will hit. If a whitetail appears in my apple orchard, I know if i aim dead center and at the bottom of his chest. My reloads will hit ~8 inches high putting the round cleanly through his heart and lungs. Anyone can pull a trigger but a shooter knows where to aim to get his bullet to hit where he wants.
  4. That's what I did with my M38...although I had to pay a gunsmith $20 to drill and tap for a set screw because my #31 drill bit wasn't hard enough, and it kept getting dull and it was barely making a dent in it. He did a really nice job as well. The directions in the link above call for a large set screw which if you don't center it exactly your threads will be sticking out on either the top or bottom. My gunsmith used a much smaller screw.
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    NW AR
    just aim for the nuts and you got'm. j/k

    was it a consistent group? eliminate some variables next time out, have someone else shoot it as well and try some other ammo to see if you get the same results. if you do just remind yourself it's a gun that's older than you are and it probably didn't cost you an arm and a leg either.
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    if you do want to raise the front sight how about j-b welding a copper or zinc plated bb to the top of the post. just a thought.
  7. Would probably make it to high, and maybe to thick. Good thinking though.
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    You'll have to slip something over your front post, or devise a way to make it taller. You could find a welding rod about the same diameter and replace the existing post. Or file the rear sight base either where the slider is or at the actual base of the site so it will sit lower. What kind of ammo were you shooting? How many different types have you tried?
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    a piece of heat shrink tubing on the post will make it taller without modifying anything.
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    The groups were about what I expected, certainly not a tack driver but not bad. Handloads will probably improve things a lot. I am a seasoned shooter and seldom find others who can improve on my groups. Also The carbine was manf. in 1946, I'm a 1941 model :D so it is not older than me. You are correct about the arm and leg.
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    That's similar to what I was thinking. Maybe a small diameter black plastic tube or a brass tube and some flat black spray paint.
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    The insulation from electric wire works, but I forget what diameter wire.
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    For the guy that wants only to go to the mailbox. I sell what I call the Mosin Nagant (High Shooting Fix) front post extensions. They are $2.95 plus $1.95 S+H. There's enough in each kit to do 4 rifles. These are made of stiff black polyethylene. For the ones that like to do it themselves the approximate dimensions are .115 O.D. and .085 I.D. I put these on E bay just to see if there was any interest and wow! I have sold a bunch with great feedback.
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    I sell them a little cheaper off my site because of E bay fees.
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    I once had a friend build up the front site with a welder. I then went to the range and filed it down bit by bit until it was where I wanted it. A bit of color to hide where I had filed it and no one can tell the difference.
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    Look at the MOJO peep sight.