Mosin trigger mods?

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by rondog, Sep 10, 2010.

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    I swear I recall seeing a thread about someone here that does trigger mods to Mosins, but I can't find it. Seems like there was something about putting in a ball and set screw, but I'm not sure of that. It was a business operation though, where you either bought a modified setup or sent in yours for modifying.

    Anybody know what I'm babbling about? Got a link to the thread or the business?

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    Huber Concepts...



  3. rondog

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    Thanks Mark! That's certainly an option, but the thread/product I'm thinking about was produced by a member here (I *think* it was here, anyway), and is pretty much a copy of the Huber trigger, but for a better price I believe. Bottom line is, I have two Mosins with sucky triggers that need some help. If I can't find the local guy then I might have to go with Hubers.
  4. there's a bunch of trigger threads. i don't remember anyone offering to do the work for us on that ball-bearing mod though. overkill in my opinion though when smoothing them out has the same effect.
  5. I think Timminy makes a replacement trigger with a safety.. It does require a little modding to the stock.
    Here is the link
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    See now, for the price of the Huber, I'd rather spend a few bucks more and get the Timney. But still not the info I'm looking for. I swear it was the same concept as the Huber, but much more reasonable. Kinda hard to spend more money on the trigger than the rifle cost to begin with. And I can't smooth it up myself, I can't figure out how it even works. And I'm too lazy.
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    Somebody somewhere was selling a ball bearing trigger thingie online, but I don't think it was a member here. I brought it up, but it is gone since all the threads got dumped.
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    I remember the thread . Actually in my mind it was a link to maybe gunbroker or ebay . Maybe im wrong but thats the way its in my head .
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    If you really do not like the military type trigger with all of the creep in them and you want a Mosin consider buying an ex-sniper. My 44 Isky ex-sniper that was returned back into a sniper had the best trigger of any mil-surp I own. Almost no creep and a very light trigger that is smooth. It would have to be cheaper and easier than buying a run of the mill 91/30 then buying the parts and taking the time to modify it. Just my two cents.

  10. rondog

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    I already have two Mosins. Need better triggers for them, not more Mosins!

    I believe Gandog found it, the part about the lubricating hole sounds very familiar. But I can't seem to access that roscoeworld site anymore.

    Looks like the maker and local forum member is Pathfinder57.
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    What? Everybody needs MORE Mosins!
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    Nah, I need more Garands and Enfields first! Only have one each of those. Hell, I'm lucky if I get to go shoot ANY of my guns as it is.
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    First try Finn trigger parts to include the safety/cocker with sear. If the parts came off the same rifle so much the better.

    Next do this to a spare set of Russian parts.


    This is what the Russians did to the better rifles.

    Or they cleaning up what you have with some hard stones just to remove tool marks or wear dents on the sear faces including the safety/striker sear. Go slow. I have found just cleaning/lubing the pivot pin fixed two rifles.

    Good luck
  14. I bought a Timney trigger from Midwayusa a few weeks ago when they were on sale for $81. I put it in my 91/30 and now with some handloads I'm getting 3/4" groups at 70 yards. The Timney is REALLY nice and is a real bonus as well.
  15. 19cohiba75

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    I remember someone making shims out of soda cans to help with the trigger. here are some vids :439:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mosin Nagant trigger job[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mosin Nagant trigger job 2 - polishing[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mosin Nagant M44 Upgraded Slack Spring[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Mosin M91-30 Timney Trigger Overview.wmv[/ame]
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  16. in my opinion those shims under the sear are a horrible idea! sure you get a lighter trigger. cause it's about to let go without warning! i tried it once and then went back and removed them and polished the parts to make them smoother without resorting to dropping the sear lower in the bolt.

    please be safe, everyone! if you're not sure exactly what happens when you modify these parts, do not do it. get a timney instead. it's not hard to figure out how they work and how to improve them. take the time to understand how it works before attempting mods. and leave the beer cans for the recycle bin.
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    Well,back to getting a notice my message is too short.If this works with a quote like before this is what I found on triggers. ,,,mntrigger ,,,sam.
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    Maybe you mean this is what the Finns did to improve their rifles? That picture is in Finnish. I don't think the Russians cared anyways they just cranked them out! Some triggers are nice on Russian rifles, but probably by chance. But it's definitely an option to try to improve your trigger. You could always do some light polishing on the contact surfaces. But you might first try bending the sear spring, as it also appears is illustrated in the top right of that picture but not too far. You can always conduct a drop test on an empty chamber to see how your work turned out.
  19. This is the best advice of all.

    Also, do not bend the sear spring, it's even worth than installing these silly can shims.

    Instruction sheet from Finland (as Colonel correctly pointed out) is for the guys with exprience. Do not tinker with trigger unless you have necessary skills.