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    I am now watching a movie via Netflix - "Frankenstein's Army". Just started, but basically it's about a Russian unit in WWII fighting the invading Nazis. Lots of period-correct guns - M91/30 and M44 Mosins, PPS subguns, and the occasional SVT semiauto rifle! The Krauts have the Mausers and MG42 machineguns.
    Can't wait to see how the mighty Mosin stands up to the zombie army...... ;-)

    Further review when I finish the movie.
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    Post movie Review.....

    Well, I think Billy would like this one. Very dark, some really ghastly scenes.
    The Mosin Sniper Rifle was used to dispatch one 'zombot' at close range, but the trooper was offed by another.
    One Russian officer wielded his trusty Nagant revolver. Herr Doctor Victor Frankenstein had, of course, his Luger pistol.
    The PPSH and PPS-43 subguns had the usual unlimited capacity magazines.
    The zombots were very creative, like a combination of zombie and steampunk robot styling, each modified in a different and deadly way.

    So if you like both zombie movies and Russian firearms and uniforms, this is your movie! Filmed in the Czech Republic, so the Russian and German hardware was very accessible, as was the bombed out factory setting.
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    Just watched Episode 1 of World War II in Colour. The sequence on the Spanish Civil War showed a bunch of the International Brigade troops of the Republican Army (the Communists) being issued Model 1891s. From the expression on their faces, they had no clue what to do with them.
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