Mosin's you have to love them

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by Martin Rage, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Martin Rage

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    I know the majority of us own at least one MN however there are those that do not and will not. I just want to point out that the Mosin Nagant has probably single handedly gotten more young people into shooting in the last couple years then any other firearm. I have 2 friends who got into shooting by visiting a gun show and buying a mosin nagant after they saw how cheap they were. Also I have seen tons of young guys at the ranges with their mosins. So love it or hate it, you really gotta love them.
  2. TinCan Assasin

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    Only a Marine would make a statement like that. Or Yogi Berra. ;)


  3. PAPA G

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    my 1st center fire rifle was a MN 91/30, ordered it out of a magazine delivered by the mailman. 1966 was a good year:yup:
  4. Tha Dave

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    I know I am going to crenge but how much was a 91/30 in 1966?
  5. PAPA G

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    $10 post paid, and no accessory packs with it.:slaphappy:
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    I still don't care for them.
  7. Love them or hate them you must admit they are here to stay, They are a piece of history no matter what and to be able to own one is still very cool. I have some 2000 year old Roman coins, by todays coin standards they ar not beautiful, nor elegant or even worth much but it's what is behind them that makes them so intriguing. Every time I pick up one of those Roman coins I think if it only could talk and say who's hands that it had been in. Perhaps it was held by a an early Christian, A Soldier or perhaps even a member of the Senate.

    It's the same thing with the Mosin Nagant, many of these rifles saw action during the war, perhaps your ex sniper was one used by one of the Women Snipers that Russia employed during WWII. Perhaps the rifle you own was used in the defense of Stalingrad. Or who knows. That's part of the fun of owning them. And those early Mosins who knows what action those may have seen.

    So enjoy your collection, and maybe those who hate them will learn to like them someday. I own 2 right now, But there may be a M38 in the future or a Sniper or who knows. Ahh heck now I need to go look at another Mosin..


    Every time a Mosin sings a Nazi gets his wings!
  8. PAPA G

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    whats not to like??? their cheap, powerful, and fun!!!
  9. Why not? Are they not good enough for you?
  10. franchi

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    whats not to love about them? they shoot a big enough cartradge to take any game or man in north americs. The recoil is often used to relocate shoulders(put out by the last shot). extremely simple! almost always can be fixed by a swift kick and a 2X4. they work best in cold wet and muddy conditioins. most will shoot a man sized target out farther than the shooter can. once you have run out of ammo you have a nice boat oar, fire wood, walking stick, club, skish kabob squer, and you can stab the bag guy across the river without ever leaving the comfort of your foxhole! its the ultimate survival tool if you ask me
  11. I'll be honest with ya...I don't think the recoil is that bad. Not even the carbines are real bad. My .50 cal muzzleloader kicks quite a bit more.
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    The most "BANG"(and I do mean bang) for the buck.The cost is what got me into milsurps and I have more than I should now (and WAY more than my wife thinks I have)but always look for more.
    BTW Mark,if those old coins could talk would you understand what they were saying?:silly:
  13. franchi

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    100+ rounds from the bench with the gun right on the bone and you will change your mind i promise. for me im skinny so it just hurts
  14. ChaZam

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    Quote: Originally Posted by Lcpl Martin [​IMG]

    . So love it or hate it, you really gotta love them.

    Or Maybe Dan Quayle or Casey Stengel
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    A great rifle at a great price !! What's not to like ??
  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    You don't mean BANG. The only Mosin I have ever met that goes BANG is the Czarina, my 1899 Tula Model 1891. She goes BANG when fired with 180 grain ammunition. Not much recoil, either; she was made for 208 grain ammo. 180 grain milsurp is light for her.

    Every other Mosin Nagant in the world goes BOOOM!
  17. Don357

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    :32:I would really love to have a M44