Mosque denied

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    West Kentucky Star - News

    can't wait for the msm to pick this up and run the dicken's out of it. how dare the ignorant inbreds refuse, wheres Rachel MadCow :bad:
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    Well no offense to all, but this is supposed to be a free country, safe from persecution or discrimination because of religion, is it not?

    I really personally don't think much of the muslim faith, but to deny this group the right to practice their religion, solely because other people don't like it, goes against the founding principles of this country. Those principles are what our boys are fighting and dying for right NOW. There is nothing to be proud of in that article. What's next? Jews? Where does that road take us?

  3. PAPA G

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    it was denied on non religious building use codes. maybe those who showed up are against Muslims. or did i miss something?
  4. It was'nt going to be a mosque. It was going to be a play center like a family life center like some christian church's build.

    I hope this is a true story that they can't build it. It is an insult to the ones that died at the wolrd trade center and there family's and me included !!!

    Don't kid yourselves people, know good would have come out of the mosque being built and yall wait there will be more and more so called peaceful muslims trien to do harm to Americans.
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    I live in a "Christian friendly" town and we had to build a new church in a new location for those very reasons. The current building could hold 300 people but only had private parking for 60 cars with the rest in the street. When we wanted to increase the size of the church the town said we could only if we provided off street parking for any increase - they didn't want any more street parking as a result of a larger church. We would have had to buy at least 5 houses (if they'd sell) and turn them into parking lots. Over $800,000 in the parking lot alone - before we even paved it.

    Maybe we should have cried about our first amendment rights. But instead we followed the law and zoning ordnances and went someplace else.
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    Rachel MadCow. That is hillarious. I love it. I want to bitch slap her so bad.
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    It was not and is not a matter of denying their right to practice their faith,it is a matter of putting it so close to ground zero.
    Many felt it was in poor taste and insensitivity on the Muslims part.
    Go read the original thread that was started a week ago,and you will be enlightened.
    Jason M
  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    There was no religious issue as such here. It was an issue concerning parking - the building the Somalis wanted simply didn't have enough off-street parking to accommodate the congregation, and they could not buy land to make the parking lot bigger. The result would have been the same if it were Baptists applying for a church, Jews for a synagogue, or the Freemasons for a Masonic Temple. Or to keep it secular, if it were the American Legion applying to use the building as a Legion hall, or the Veterans of Foreign Wars for a VFW post.

    That is why the council denied the application, not because it was Moslems wanting to turn the place into a mosque. The First Amendment is not on point here. Building codes are. Period.
  9. No contractor wants the job. Move it away from the site, it's a high fire zone.
  10. dhermesc

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    Yet somehow the building codes in New York were quickly changed to accommodate the mosque that has no financial support to be built (current application only shows $18,000 on hand). I'm no fan of him but even Donald Trump was amazed at how fast these changes were made - something along the line of "even with several hundred thousand in lawyer’s fees and a million in bribes he couldn't have managed it).
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    That reason right there is why, at least around here, Christian churches have been turned down as well. It's a good reason and doesn't violate anything.
  12. MosinMan

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    Just because they legally can doesn't mean they should. There is an underlying motive for the location of it. Please educate yourself on the matter.
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    Without doing a bunch of further research it seems like this was simply a zoning issue.
  14. rickny

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    Not a restriction of practice of religion. But more of being antagonistic. There are other mosques close by. There has been No restriction or opposition to these existing structures.

    However, imagine this scene. On Sept 11, widows and orphans go to the site to lay wreaths and flowers mourning their husbands and fathers.

    In the background, you could hear the sound of the Muslim priest on the speaker calling out for their prayer.

    Would you consider that freedom of religion or instigation of more pain or violence?

  15. Rex_Lee

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    I think we are talking about two different things here. I was only talking about the article in question. NOT the ground zero mosque. Think the whole Ground Zero mosque is just in bad taste. The backers should be smart enough to see they are not wanted there, and move on. Back to the article in question, I realize it was a zoning restriction, but if you read closely you can tell they have no intention of letting this mosque be built at all.

    So it sounds to me like this guy is going to try to block them, whatever they do.

    THAT is wrong. Like I said, I do not support or even like their religion, but they should not be prevented from practicing it. It goes against the very reason this great country exists - religious freedom. Like I said, once you start down that road (persecuting a group because of religion), where does it end?
  16. dhermesc

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    Where do you get that from? It actually sounded like the guy was cautioning the city that this legal and enforceable denial will ultimately cost the city serious money and perhaps they should have given in to avoid the issue. But then I'm just reading what his quote, I'm sure you were reading something else.
  17. SKS NOOB

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    That's what I got from it. They know they will have a long hard debate, not a fight, on this. Legal battles, that is. They know it. Both sides do. With the economy as it is, it would be very draining.
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    grizcty linked a video from youtube that talks about this in the fact that more towards ancient times whenever the muslims would capture a major city they would build a mosque there almost every time so think about it like that building a mosque only a couple blocks from Ground zero.....
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    I don't see a problem here, the Muslims should find another locale that complies with current regulations, that's all to it.

    On another point, if rules are being made for this mosque only, that would be wrong and discriminating.
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    Ok whats next you all are going to make Chris put up a religion forum ? You ruined the Powder keg with politics so he made you a place now we move to religion ? REALLY FOLKS ?!