Mossberg 402/Revelation 117

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by blaster, May 27, 2020.

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    a friend brought this old .22 to me yesterday to see if I could fix it. it is marked Revelation (Western Auto) but was made by Mossberg. (1960's era) IMG_0596.JPG IMG_0597.JPG View attachment 1
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    I've not a clue about that model.

    I only have experience with the 144 rimfires and the relatively new 600 and 500 series shotguns.

    It looks like a well made rifle and hope you get it working for him.

    What exactly is wrong?
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  3. blaster

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    I had a long story (for me but not for Cyrano or Txplt :p) written out telling what was wrong with it and what I was doing about it but somehow, it all got deleted!:mad: here is the condensed version; the rifle doesn't feed properly. instead of the cartridge going into the chamber, it pops out bullet down and falls into the action. it looks like after leaving the carrier, the shell rim is held by the bottom of the bolt and the extractor. (the dark blued band on the bolt in the picture) then a spring activated piece of metal pushes it up the bolt face in line with the chamber. I think I can see that part of the extractor blade is worn where the shell pops out of its grip. I ordered another extractor. hope thats the problem.
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    blaster, are you implying Tex and I are verbose? I'm shocked, simply shocked! :D
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