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Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by rl356, May 8, 2008.

  1. rl356

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    I recently purchased a mossberg 500 from a co-worker. It came with two barrels: a 24" field barrel (modified), and the 18 1/2" security barrel (Synthetic Stock). I payed next to nothing for this firearm ($80). It's in very good condition. I figure I probably got a pretty good deal on this one, but have never owned a Mossberg before of any kind and was wondering what the appoximate value should be.
  2. jerry

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    You got a good deal. normal used price would normally be approx 250-300

  3. toolman

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    In good cond., I'd guess anywhere from $150-$200
  4. mitch_mckee

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    $250 minimum.

    The extra barrel costs about $100 alone!
  5. toolman

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    Good point Mitch, I forgot about the extra barrel.
  6. rl356

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    I got a better deal than I had originally thought. Thanks for the input.
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    OK, but you know where I am if you need a few extra bucks. :09:
  8. Congrats

    You have a well proven firearm. I would give it a thorough cleaning
    removing all existing grease, dust, etc. then a good lubrication with a light weight oil such as 3 in 1.

    If you take care of this firearm it should give a lifetime of service.
  9. rl356

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    I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
  10. now you can order their blackpowder rifle barrel and th slugster rifled slug barrel.
  11. rl356

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    Good point JimKim. I saw that muzzleloader conversion barrel on the website today. I wasn't aware that there was anything like that on the market as far as shotgun barrels are concerned. Any of you have one? If so, how well does it work?
  12. Free_Man_1911

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    I to would like to know how the ML barrels work??

    I have a few 500's and I like them alot! (Even got one with a breach barrel, its neat)

    Anybody have a "muzzleloader conversion barrel" story they want to share?


    The other good Gun Forum:
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    The Mossberg 500, 12 ga. with full choke, was my first shotgun... I enjoyed using it for hunting ducks, geese, grouse, and pheasant. It had the ability to reach out and knock down birds when others just stood and watched their birds get away. I paid about $100 for it, through an LEO friend that got it at his discounted price, and that was nearly 30 years ago. Sounds like you got a good deal; especially with two barrels and in very good condition. Congratulations...and enjoy. I would have made the same purchase without hesitation.
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    I bought a muzzle loader barrel myself for mine and have yet to shoot it. Concerned about what's best powder and ammo. Any recommendations? New to hunting,(5 years), and need some good advice. Love my Mossberg 500 for Deer and Turkey and thoroughly pleased. Inexpensive and kills game just as good as anything else.
  15. Quoted fom another site. Posted by a hunter from Ohio.
    "270 gr. Maxi-ball over 90 gr. Pyrodex RS. I get good 50yd open sight accuracy of about 2inches."

    This should get you on the paper. Just keep in mind the only way to get a really good load is to find one your rifle likes.
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  16. OldTimer

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    In the words of Howie Mandell: "You made a <i><b>VERY</b></i> good deal!" Other posters have given you good info about it's monetary value.

    Personally, I've owned and <u>enjoyed</u> using a similar Moss'y 500 for over 25 years without a major malfunction. For an inexpensive rattle-trap, it has been reliable over the years, and put much game on my table. Last year I bought a mod. 500 20 ga. youth gun for my son, we will be upgrading his stock soon. The boy just got taller than me, this year. It must be the BGH in the milk--yeah, that's it, it's the BGH... :rolleyes:
  17. Someone will undoubtedly point out that this is an old thread from May 2008, but as long as people ask new questions the thread is still VIABLE IMHO.
  18. LiveToShoot

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    Just like clothes and styles, old becomes new...eventually.

    Mossberg 500, 12 ga. with 30" full choke first shotgun, and it sure could bring down the birds well, too well.

    ...once, on my first pheasant hunt, at too close of range, I instantly turned it into pillow filler...pheasant down.

    As I see I posted back in 5-27-08....
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  19. Reciever mount

    My father-in-law just gave me a reciever mount for a scope,(Mossberg 500A). How well do these hold up under a few shots?


    Receiver Mount Reply

    The Receiver Mounts do not hold tight after a very short time. You would be better off to either have the receiver tapped which cost around $40 to $60 or buy a new Cantiliver barrel. As per the value of the shotgun in this thread $8o is about the value with the one barrel but with two barrels it is worth about $120 in our shop.