Mossberg Mossberg 500 vs PA Whitetail

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by BattleRifleG3, Mar 15, 2002.

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    I have a Mossberg 500 and wonder how competent it would be on whitetail deer in western PA. Presently it has a polychoke barrel and I would use rifled slugs. How much wouls a rifled barrel and sabot slugs improve range and accuracy? What about handloading?
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    BRG3 make sure you open up the choke on your smooth boar and then consider yourself limited to shots out to 50-70 yards. To extend your range, a rifled BBL and sabots would allow you to make shots out to 100-125 yards. Practice, Practice, Practice! -UR.

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    I own an Ithaca 37 12 ga. w/smooth bore.....Given that, I was told to try different makes of Foster slugs (the ones with the rifling already on the slugs) and see which ones work out the best for accuracy. Brenneke's were the original and I hear still the best (expensive). I've used ACTIV's but they're no longer that leaves the Rems, Federal, Winchesters, etc. As far as the Poly Choke is concerned, try the IC or Modified, as that's what choke my Deerslayer Barrel is. The foster slugs are made w/pure lead so they should be safe to use and will deform to the choke you use (.010'' to .020" under).
    Secondly, make sure to keep your barrel clean and free of leading which will happen rapidly w/ foster slugs(about 2 boxes will do it!) Use that bronze bore brush and lots of bore cleaner and clean, clean, clean. I use Outers Solvent.
    Third, keep the barrel TIGHT against the receiver. Don't let any play develop after you clean the barrel and re assemble. Do you have rifle sights or Red Dot Scope?

    Should you buy a rifled barrel? I'd try your smooth bore first and then decide. Sabot slugs have made some great claims, but see how the Mossburg handles the Fosters first. Just my 2 cents!
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    I'm looking into the same thing myself. A new barrel has a MSR pice of @ 180$ at mossburgs website. I think I'll find it cheaper on line. Dont know where yet but, I'll post back if I do. PS where a good place for red dot scopes.

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    Mossberg slug barrel


    I can't recommend a better place to purchase a red dot or for that matter another slug barrel (Hastings Brand is excellent) then Cabella's. They're brand of red dot scopes are supposed to be very good and if not, they will make it right if there's a problem. They also have an excellent technical staff available just about 24 hrs. a day if you have a question. www.cabela' Mike Scoby is the best!