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  1. i found a mossberg 88 maveric for $140 and the gun shop you guys think its a good deal and a good shot gun?
  2. You can buy a New one for around $ 190.00 or less. If the one you found is new BUY IT !!!

  3. zseese

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    i love my maverick 88. i initially got it for a home defense unit and tacted it out with foldup stock w/ built in 5 shell holder, and a heat sheild w/ built in ghost sites. since then i have cycled several hundred shells(even shoot clays with it every now and again) and never had a jam or any other problem, its a great cheap shotgun that takes 3-1/2 in shells. my only complaint is its really lite so it kicks a little more than some
  4. I wonder if he bought it ? I would had...A.H
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    I recently bought one of these as my first firearm for $169 at Wal-Mart, for home defense. My wife and I went out to my sister's house in the country to test fire it today and had a blast. It does seem to kick rather hard when we were using the 3" magnum shells, but the 2-3/4" ones were painless. I haven't tried 3-1/2" shells in it yet, the manual only mentions 3"s.

    I am strongly considering finding a shorter barrel for it as it would be rather unwieldy in the narrow hallway outside my bedroom.
  6. haha yes i bought it and also it will only shoot 2 3/4 and 3 or thats what the barrel says
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    That's our home defense shotgun......
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    hmm, thats strange, my barrel says it will take 3-1/2" shells
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    Oh, goodness yes, if it's new. Mossbergs are so delightfully affordable for being such good shotguns. The barrels for the 88 are also compatible with the 500 series. Actually, a lot of the accessories are.

    As far as I knew that only took up to 3" shells. I could be wrong.

    Lessee...cheaper because they use Mexican parts, they have a cross bolt safety. I prefer the one on top the 500 has, but it's a small difference.

    It's pretty much the bargain version of the 500. Not a bad gun at all. For $140.00, you can hardly go wrong. That's only a little more than half what a 500 should run you.

    - Coeloptera
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    I am guessing those sights were a ATI Shotforce Tactical DLX Heatshield?
    If so how did you like it, seems kind of cheap and flimsy but if the sights work well i am going to buy one for about 25.00. for my remington 870

    Anyone else ever see or use one of these Cabela's -- Advanced Technology (ATI) Shotforce Tactical DLX Heatshield