Mossberg vs Maverick?

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  1. So I know the two shotsguns are basically the same design, and the only difference is the location of the safety button with the maverick behind the trigger and the mossberg on the top. What is the different function of them and is one more effective or durable than the other? Does one or the other lock the action, the firing pin or just the trigger itself?

    I am not understanding why they have two different companies making the same shotgun with such a small difference in design for a few bucks less?
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    The maverick is basically the budget model. Its the EXACT same gun other that the safety and the sling swivels. The maverick parts are just a tad bit cheaper thats about it. And there not 2 different companies. Its a Maverick 88 By Mossberg. Like I said the 88 is just their budget model. Its a Subsidiary of Mossberg......her scroll down and on this and youll find it Mossberg 500 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  3. there is one other diffrence than the trigger and guard, the for arm is a solid molded peice where the 500 has a 4 piece (may be 5) for arm that screws together. So if your looking for a basic shotgun the 88 is the way to go. If your looking for something you can mod then you might as well go with the 500 unless you do not plan on replacing the for arm. the Butt stock for any 500 will go right on a 88. just think of the 500 as a little nicer mav 88. Not that much diffrence in them really.

    I will say though, if your gana spend the money on a 500 over the 88 you may as well get a 590 or a 835. The 590 is a tougher version of the 500 and holds more rounds and usually has a heat shield. the 835 holds more and can hold a 3.5 inch shell where the 590 and 500 can only hold up to a 3 inch. Thats my opinion.
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    Yah I agree.....Those 590's are nice thats what the Seattle Police Department Has in there cruisers. Didn't know the 835 held 3.5 inchers though, thats pretty cool. I might have to check into those and pick me up one.
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    Maverick Model 88 for Home Defense

    Maverick Model 88 for Home Defense

    Don't let the gun snobs talk you into giveing way too much.
    The differnce is Mossburgs are made in North Haven, Connecticut.
    Which is a very high labor cost area. All High cost "Made in USA" parts.

    The Maverick line of shotguns are assembled in Eagle Pass, Texas.
    The texas plant is located in a "Right to work" state, and has no Labor Union. It also uses a few lower cost but quality imported parts.

    The Maverick is more Durable, Dependable,and Rugged.
    The saftey on the Mossburg is plastic,and Fails.

    The trigger groups will not interchange between Maverick 88,
    and Mossberg 500 guns, but the majority of other parts are including barrels, stocks, and shell magazines will.

    This my new purchase of a few weeks ago.

    Maverick Model 88 Price: $209.99 retail

    12 gauge - 20 inch barrel - 8 shot tube magazine

    Gave $150.00 for mine a few weeks ago at a jacksonville Florida gunshow.
    Brand new, unfired, in the box.

    Ran 50 rounds of Walmart / Winchester #4 Buckshot through it,
    as well as 5 rounds of Remintion Slugger 3 inch Mag. Rifled slugs,
    and 5 rounds of Reminton 3 inch Mag. # 4 Buckshot.

    Slot like a dream, cleaned up with Just WD40.


  6. Ya a buddy of mine bought a 835 "tactical Turkey" because they were on clearence because they had to many and no one wanted the thumbhole stock they had on em. But they hold a 3.5 inch shell so instead of spending full price for a standerd 835 he bought that one and put a Knoxx Stock on it with the recoil suppresion system then swapped over a smothe bore 20 inch barrel and put an adjustable choke on it. He then turned around and purchased a Rifled barrel for it too but he keeps the smothe bore with the adjustable choke on it for home defence but then he also takes it for bear protection so he can just open the choke up and shoot a slug through it. Im thinking about maby trying to get mine threaded to take a choke like what he has. I just need to findout it its possible with my barrel.

    He is also about to get a press to load 3.5 inch shells too, He has picked some up and man does that stock make a diffrence his gun with 3.5 slugs doesnt kick any where as hard as my 88 does with 3 inch slugs.
  7. krazykeny, I hope you werent calling me a gun snob because my shotgun IS a mav 88. I was just saying if he was ganna spend the money on a 500 OVER a 88 he might as well get the 590 or 835. And yes they do make a 7+1 shot in the maverick but the 590 is more rugged than the 88 and 500. And if I was to buy another maverick it would be the one with the longer tube. The one I have now was a birthday gift from my mom 9 years ago.

    For the money you cant beet a maverick 88. I have had mine for 9 years and has never let me down.

    Also you dont want to use wd-40 from what I hear. I have been told CLP is alot better to use then wd-40.
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    @ KrazyKeny Yah same here man I also own a Maverick 88 as opposed to a 500. I was in no way putting down the 88. However, to say its more durable, dependable and rugged than a Mossberg is not true. IT IS A MOSSBERG. Says it right on the side of my tang. Maverick By Mossberg. The main reason I bought it is because I like the cross-bolt safety more than the tang safety. Well that and the price.
  9. Think of it this way. GMC Sierra vs Chevy Silvarado, same basic truck, few little diffrences, and one is usually cheeper.
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    Good analogy. I was trying to think of one myself but nothing came to mind.
  11. Cars/trucks are my big thing next to guns/hunting/fishing. My analogys usually involve cars or trucks some how lol.
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    I like the tang safety but the plastic ones can break.However they make metal replacement ones.They're made on an 870 design,why wouldn't they be good,almost as good as the 870.
  13. Mmmm,

    perhaps for many of us the real difference will not be in the gun but in our practice with the gun.

    I am a big believer in practice and periodic more practice with your home defense gun no matter which gun you have. Nothing is worse than an absence of performance on your part in a time of crisis.

    Actually, I am not avoiding the question. I am answering it to the best of my ability.
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    I believe one has aluminum receiver the other steel. They are different only in production cost, so one may have a different alloy here, a different production technique there, but the 88 is essentially as good as the 500, it's just no frills and no options.
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    They both have aluminum alloy receivers.The biggest differences are the trigger mechanism won't interchange,the rails are pegged in the Maveric pump and most of the parts in the Maverick are made in Mexico making it cheaper to manufacture than the all American manufactured Mossberg.