Mossy Mavk model 88 From Defense to hunt, what to do what to do......

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  1. I own a Mossberg maverick model 88 20" barrel pump that holds about 5 3" shells. I was wondering if its possible to change the barrel on the old home defense shotgun and make it into a 28" hunting shooty. I know that maverick makes a hunting version of this shotgun but i really don't want buy another shotgun. I guess what I am trying to ask is "Does anyone know if i cant just buy the barrel that belongs on the hunting version of the model 88 or am I going to have to shell out the Dough"?
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    I believe any barrel for a 500 Mossy will fit the Maverick.
  4. all 500 barrels will fit including the rifled slug barrel
  5. ^ ya i just bought a rifled slug barrel for my Mav 88 and it was listed for a 500 and it fit fine. Only thing I have found that I have been told is not interchangable is the forend but I dont know that for sure because i was told the only thing diffrent from a 88 and a 500 is the safety. Or so I have been told.
  6. Choke Tubes those r actual maverick barrels if ur interested
  7. hmm the link was to the barrel page lol but seriously check