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    A man goes in to see a family physician. The doctor goes into the room and sees a middle aged man shaking on the exam table. The doctor asks the man what is wrong. The man sits up and says, "Doc, ya gotta help me! I think I'm turning into a moth!!!" The doctor is a little shocked by what the man said and says "Well, uh, sir, I see. I don't usually deal with that sort of thing. But, why don't you go see the psychiatrist down the hall?" The man replies, "That's where I was going but your light was on!!!"
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  2. CalifgirlinOk

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    I knew it!!! Moth men are real..LOL

  3. texnmidwest

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    There would be more but they put naphthalene in chanel No. 5!:09:
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    That's why men are drawn to the sports stadiums at night - those bright lights...... :scool:
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    I may have discovered ones final resting place. There were a couple of moth balls in a dresser drawer. LOL
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    lol, thnks i like that one!
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    Good one Tex, LOL !!