Mounties Take A Bite Out Of Crime

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    Im ust trying to figure out what mounties were doing in my neighboorhood :)

    Mounties Take A Bite Out Of Crime

    SURREY, British Columbia — The Mounties got their men. What they had trouble getting was a sandwich.

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Ed Boettcher and his partner decided to take a sandwich break Monday while on surveillance duty in an unmarked car.

    At the restaurant, they checked the license plate on a car parked at a nearby pawn shop, found the car had been reported stolen, followed it and helped arrest the driver and passenger.

    Back they went to the sandwich joint, only to find a well-known car thief getting out of a pickup truck. Sure enough, a check of the license showed the truck had been stolen and they arrested the driver.

    On his third try, Boettcher finally got inside the sandwich shop, but his partner noticed two men carrying golf bags into the pawn shop. It turned out their car was also stolen and they were eventually arrested as well. (AP)