mounting a scope to a mossy 500

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by stinkybriches, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. stinkybriches

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    so, if i get a weaver base, and an optic with weaver rings, will i need anything else to mount the optic to the shotgun?
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    MidwayUSA - Just About Everything in Hunting & Shooting Sport Optics ,,,This was not intended as an ad for Midway even tho I do lots of business with them.I only wanted to show what was required to mount a scope.Also after 1996 they are drilled and tapped for Weaver rail.1996 and older you must have a side mount or saddlemount.The saddlemount is much more solid.1996 and older can be drilled and tapped but my personal experience,they don't take much punishment.They are ok if you treat them right.
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  3. ET..

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    I mounted a red dot scope to my 870 express using a Weaver rail mounted to the receiver using screws thru the holes already in the receiver where the take down pins go. The scope mounted right to the rail using the weaver mount that came with the scope. Works perfectly.