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Should people carry a mouse gun?

  • Yes

    Votes: 21 70.0%
  • No

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • As a second gun

    Votes: 11 36.7%
  • If that is all they are willing to carry

    Votes: 9 30.0%
  • If they have recoil issues or other problems with shooting

    Votes: 7 23.3%
  • Never, never, never

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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I am a big big fan of the micro 1911s and the Ruger LCP MAX in terms of firepower per size, but stash guns for emergencies, the subcompact 9s are the most economical. The 10 round Taurus Pt111/G2Cs are consistently $250 and much more robust and higher capacity than similarly priced 380s.

The pocket 380s and 9s do have the advantage of being easier to conceal, lighter, smaller. That makes them good for something like running/exercising or keeping hidden if you REALLY have to.

If I were stashing guns to issue out to my neighbors, it would probably be Ruger Security 9s. They are bulkier for sure, but for a gun UNDER 500 they are the beefiest. Cheap(ish), reliable, low recoil, super rugged, simple design. I'm a fan.

Before someone points out that the Security 9 and the pocket 380s are the same design, I'll just say that the design is great, but the amount of mass and energy creating the action (bullet leaving the barrel), relative to the amount of mass absorbing the equal and opposite reaction (recoil), is vastly different between the LCPs and the Security 9s.

More mass shoots smoother, lasts longer, and will simply survive abuse and neglect that a daintier machine may not.

In terms of a "liberator" the LCPs are really hard to beat, but then again, a 3D printer is just $300 and a glock 19 barrel can be as low as $40 each.
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