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  1. I spent friday on the range with some friends working on shooting on the move. anytime sombody would stop to shoot it cost them a cup of coffee.
    then we moved over to the 300 yard range and did some precision shooting. It was a perfect day to spend hours on the trigger.
    Had a great time and wish every **** one of you could have shared it with me.


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  2. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Sounds like alot of fun! Wish I could've been there too.

  3. larmus

    larmus G&G Enthusiast

    awesome possum John!!!! sounds like you guys had a great training session. couple of questions for ya:

    how many cups of coffee are you gettin for free or how many do you gotta buy... lol!

    where did ya get the hat? it looks like a bear paw, im partial to bears.
  4. LOL, Larmus I was lucky and didnt have to buy any and I get two for free.
    The hat is from BlackWater security (the paw was the company logo before the name change last year to " Xe ") But to some of us it will always be Blackwater. that style was called the punisher. that hat is kind of hard to come by these days but you could find one if you shop around.
  5. grizcty

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    Coffee is always good.
    Free coffee is always great!
  6. kansascoyote

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    I love movement shooting it really fine tunes those motor skills and muscle memory . We raise pumpkins they make a fine head on a scarecrow wanna talk about fun shooting . We use 22lr when we do this kind of shooting ya go through to many punkins useing the high powers . Won't be long and the punkins will be ready man ya gave me the feaver I cant wait .
  7. CAV88

    CAV88 G&G Newbie

    note to self: watch out for badass white beards as they can shoot on the move and very well :)
  8. LOL, The young bucks we were shooting with are the real Athletes, I dont have the knees anymore to do the cool crap and I have a rotary cup problem in my right shoulder that screams at me when I forget I belong to Team Old Guy.
  9. CAV88

    CAV88 G&G Newbie


    ahh you are the wise old man with all the knowledge us young bucks are yearning to learn lol
  10. TACAV

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    Ok! :AR15firing:
    -*reloads* UP!:ak2: MOVING!
    'Im up he sees me I'm down

    Good stuff. :silly:
  11. Never_Evil

    Never_Evil G&G Evangelist

    I kept looking in my mail box, but didn't find any tickets. As is such, I will have to practice down here.
  12. Sounds like a fun day. We don't get as much movement training as I would like to see over here.
  13. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Most of mine is running sprints until I'm about ready to pass out, then crab walking between some chairs trying to hit a target 25yds away with a handgun.
    Running sprints until I'm about ready to pass out, stop and drop, aim a rifle while trying to control and stop my breath in an oxygen starved body and hit a target 75-100 yards away before I pass out. I usually get my shot off about the time I get the little tell-tale moving dots of syncope. Take ten quick breaths as I quickly move to another location and get the next round off. I keep this up until my body returns to homostasis from oxygen depravation. I passed out several times when I first started doing this 30 years ago.

    Great drill though.... You'll sleep good that night. :p
  14. Dragunov, Thats way to much of a workout for me. I'm happy with a quick walk.
    Dont want to wear myself out and not enjoy the after shoot chili dog :)
  15. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, I don't do it so much anymore.... I make my kids do it though. They hate it but know it'll improve their skills so they do it.

    I just threw that out there so someone else can benefit from it if they like. The first one is called "Don't go into the light!"

    Another one is called "Big Rig". Running until you're panting then someone rolls a truck or car tire with a target in it down a hill. You have to run past the tire the opposite way fifteen yards apart. You have to hit the center of the tire five times with no more than seven shots as you pass it. You can quickly sidestep past the tire but you can't stop.

    You can also "Choke the Monkey". Swinging upside down from a rope back and forth while hitting a target 30 yds away (I don't do this one anymore). I was never very good at this one. I don't think anyone is unless you do it alot.

    Another one called "Dreggs". Crawling through a mudhole for 100 yds (face crawling) in cold, rainy or sleeting weather, picking your target, staying motionless for 30 minutes and shooting. Afterwards, you can eat (You have two minutes to eat), then do it again. When you're done, build a fire, get warm as best as you can and dry as you can then CLEAN your WEAPON. Then you may sleep in a lean to for four hours before getting up again. I don't do THIS one anymore either!!

    Thought others would like to try some of these. :p

    I don't think you'll be interested in a chili dog though after Choke the monkey. You'd probably vomit all over the place. I'm not ashamed to admit it... I did. Every time. REALLY messes with your equalibrium big time.
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  16. waterdog

    waterdog G&G Enthusiast

    Don"t let the grayhair or lack there of fool ya I'm no easy win buster.
  17. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    I do't do extreme training anymore either (not much). I'm getting old. I might break a hip or sumpin'.
  18. Now there's a man to be reckoned with. Nice tac vest. Glad you had fun.