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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PAPA G, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. PAPA G

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    i just know some of you can think of a movie that hasn't been made for what ever reason, that you would like to see. so heres mine. i would like to se a movie about the fall of Corregador, and the Batan death march. epic style, factual, non-politically correct. showing the Japs for the ruthless murderers that they were.
  2. Klaus

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    No, that would show a certain general to be an incompetant coward who did not care about his men. Hint: "Bonus Marchers".

  3. PAPA G

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    whelp in my opinion all generals are cowards, when was the last time a general led his men??? not sitting back in saftey directing things, but actually taking the point, sharing the trenchs with his men??? none that i can recollect of late!!!:eek:
  4. Oxford

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    General patton comes to mind first. After that...there's been a shortage of them with the same baxx's.
  5. BattleRifleG3

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    I'd like to see a Revolutionary War movie that follows the military campaign of the British General Burgoyne as he continued leading his men while the rest of the British advances failed and Burgoyne was finally outgunned. Though it would be led by Burgoyne, there would be plenty of coverage of the other battles as well as the American forces.
    And here's where it gets good...
    Burgoyne was a dramat, who later in life suggested he should have been an actor. I think one could feasibly portray him as quite a character. Jim Carrey might be a push, but I think he could be made out to be pretty amusing.
  6. My Movie


    I was thinking of Angie Harmon, Piper Perabo and Elle MacPherson and I all wrestling in jello. Best of 3 falls, to the winner goes the spoils!

    Seriously though, a true to life movie about Billary and that warthog wife of stone left unturned......
  7. Calvin

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    I'd like to see one made about Carlos Hatcock and his exploits. I would have R. Lee Ermy in the lead role, and Wings Hauser as his observer, Burke. I know they already were together in "Seige of Fire Base Gloria", but they really complimented each other. JMHO.
  8. Mon Bathan

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    I can be wrong but Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur led his men and was on point when they were driving away the Japs from our place. I read this in a book and saw a movie of it.

    Papa G., there's currently a movie being made in Australia and is being produced by the Holywood film makers that will best depict the Bataan Death March and many other things during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. It's a war movie that would showcase struggle, pain, etc. but best of all survival, dreams and the glory of winning.

  9. PAPA G

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    Bathan, i hope its not one of those touchy feely war movies, that portray the Japs as misunderstood human beings. they were cut-throat, inhumane animals. and they are still in denial of the atrocities commited in the name of the Emporer.
  10. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    Papa G, I believe the movie will show the cannibalism and homosexuality of the Japanese troops in Bataan, or at least that's what I heard....
  11. Lenny2

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    I wish they would make the movie: Marine Sniper.
    I think you guys know who it is about.
  12. Mon Bathan

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    Papa G, the film as I watched portions of how it was being made and what it was meant for will showcase the atrocities during that time that has led to the eventual fall of the Japanese empire.

    Ya, I submit to your opinion, it's true up to now. They are still in denial of their unjust and inhumane acts during those years. People were ruthlessly killed, harrassed, raped for the hek of nothing. Regardless of how they put it, history will never forget the scar it had left behind.

  13. amax155

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    I would like to see some of the Stephen Hunter books made into films. I read somewhere that his 1st is in the works with Tommy Lee Jones signed on to play Bob Swagger. If you haven't read them , they are really good books by a man that knows his guns. Marine Sniper would have to be combined with Shadow Warrior to get the whole story on Hathcock. I would also like to see movies about the Cicil War that are fact based and not made to be politically correct.