Moving Your Stuff?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mike Franklin, May 26, 2008.

  1. How do ya'll plan on moving your stuff if or when you bug out? Do ya know about how much weight you'll be carrying?
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    You'll need two plans: once for bugging on foot and andother for the vehicle. Obviously, the latter offers more lattitude as you can pile more into your vehicle (covered, of course).

    For foot bugout, I plan to wear a tactical vest with one 1911, 4 mags and about 200 rounds of 7.62x39 in stripper clips; the other 1911 on thigh holster w/ two mags; backpack w/ goodies, SKS on my shoulder (total weight 80#). My wife will have her pistol & two speed strips, the 870 w/ 25-round ammo belt and her backpack w/ goodies (total weight 40#).

    For vehicle bugout, it all goes. All of the above plus sea bag, rifle & ammo cans, food stores, full camping supplies & whatever else I can stash.

  3. I'll stand my ground and stay home, unless my home is distroyed by some cause.
    I live in the country but I do own land in the middle of No Where that I could hike to or drive.
    I'm prepard for anything that could happen except may be not haveing enough food and cigarettes...A.H
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    I'm getting my b.o.b together now. after its full I'm gonna weigh it. add the weight of my riffle & side arm plus tac-vest load. after i get the total amount, put that on my weight vest and wear it everywhere all the time. that way i get acclimated to the load and carrying it will do no prob.

    leaving in my car would be ideal but I'm preparing for wcs. I'm assuming if the pooh pops off the roads and highways will be clogged with people fleeing. i plain to go on foot and rely on my conditioning and map to get to where i gotta fiancee and babe have been factored in. its to our advantage that we live 200yds from a trail that leads all the way to bamma and connects to another trail.on foot thats what im training for.
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  5. Better quit smoking now then A.H. lol Bad for your health anyhow. I know, ex-smokers are the worst aren't we? lol Going on 4 1/2 years. wooooooooohoooooooo. Still get the urge if you can believe that. Just not as strong or as frequent and they lessen as time goes.

    A.H., you're lucky to have some land in the middle of no where to have to go to.
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    Thats for sure. I've got plenty of land to go to, but it aint mine.
  7. I stand with you!