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    The picture in my avatar is of me shooting a F/A Thompson. We were shooting our M4s at a local range and one of the local PDs had a Tommy gun they'd confiscated somewhere and lots of ammo. Asked us if we wanted to shoot it.

    Ummmmmmm.......yeah !

    Surprisingly controllable but not exactly a precision instrument. A hoot to shoot though.
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    For this thread .....:D
    Sam goes into a gun store, stands in the empty shop a few minutes then passes some gas. He looks around to make sure he is alone. A few minutes goes by and he spots a matched pair of "full auto" HK scoped 416's in the case. He is mesmerized by them. He is still staring at them when a the shop owner comes in from the back. The guy askes him: "What is the price of this set of HK's?" The owner replies: Well, if you farted when you looked at them, you are gonna sh** when I tell you the price!
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