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    Could you all please tell me the running price of the H&K MP5? I've tried to look but dont have the time.Any help is appreciated.
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  2. Eric

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    Do you mean a legal 'full-auto' MP5 or a legal semi-auto. If you want the semi-auto, do you mean pre or post ban (i.e. do you want a collapsible stock). The legal full auto versions made before 'black' sunday (May 16 1986) are going anywhere from about $17,500 to $19,500. The Post ban semi autos are between $1,200 and $1,700. For the Pre-bans you'd have to look in shotgun news and call one of the companies that specialize in prebans. You can buy a complete parts kit for an MP5 less the receiver for $499 and a new stanless steel receiver for $399 from Warehouse wholesale. Hope that helps. Good Shooting! Eric
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    Note that the Post-bans are domestically produced by Special Weapons and are called the SW-5.
    I think I've seen registered full autos for under ten grand, like for 6-7k.
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    I'd like the full-auto but it's a bit expensive, so I guess I'd rather settle for the semi auto postban. I'm not that intrested in a collapsable stock but thanks all the same. That really helps to get an idea of the price range.:nod: :assult: :nod: :assult: :nod: :assult: :p